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  1. Why don’t u try a dirttricks sprocket? Comes with a 1 yr warranty
  2. Suspect ur bikes a 450? And a aggressive rider?
  3. I recon Suzuki’s mx lineups going to end up being a thing of the past! There farm bikes are selling great
  4. Zook be the way to go for sure! At work we remove there restrictor screw before sold (they are weak with it in) the rmx is definitely worth the money
  5. Man not good. Suzuki’s dropped a lot of different models this yr
  6. It’s super weird that they no longer have any factory teams in mx
  7. Hey guys. I’m very curious to see if suzuki will still be making mx bike in the near future cause the way they are going atm I don’t believe they will be. We have super low sales of them in nz. I’d say max of 15 of the new model! Suzuki no longer have a factory mxgp team now either! WhAt do you guys think? Are the slowly pulling out?
  8. Get a engineer to fit it man. Best was by far! I’ve had a engineer fit one to a farm racer I had.
  9. Hey guys I’m coming of a 2019 yz250f and are looking at purchasing at 2020 rmz250. What do ya think of urs?
  10. Try chucking a new gasket on and putting some gasket sealant on it too. Torque it up if u haven’t already.
  11. Ye I will. Bike gone once fixed! Absolutely sick of it. It’s great when it going! Yamaha have been very sneaky with this bike. When they increased the hp of this bike they never strengthened the cam chain. They now need a cam chain every 12hrs. We have had bikes her in nz with cam chains &%$#@!ing out at 15hrs. They also recommend a piston at 12hrs🤦‍♂️ the dealer I bought mine through has been very hush hush. I work at a Suzuki dealership. So we have been talking to the Yamaha dealer we work with and they have told us there’s been nothing but issues with the 2019 yz250f. If Yamaha was to recall them to fix the smoking issue they would lose millions ( only the odd bike out there that doesn’t have this issue) I’ve done 30 hrs on my and it’s had 8plugs🤦‍♂️ somethings definitely up!
  12. Ye it’s a tricky one. I’m 75 odd kgs and 6 ft. Real keen on the 125 just for a bit of a change and how light they are.
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