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  1. thumpinberry

    13 crf450r shock/fork

    gary at g-force suspension technoligies is real close on a setup.we will test with him again on sunday
  2. thumpinberry

    2013 aftermarket exhausts.

    same as stock
  3. thumpinberry

    2013 aftermarket exhausts.

    how did you get the inserts out?how do you get the inserts out
  4. thumpinberry

    2013 aftermarket exhausts.

    thats what our yoshy rep told us.
  5. thumpinberry

    2014 YZ450

    we moved both our bikes engines forward and we had to redo the suspension,it totally changes the bike but it makes it turn very well and holds in the rut.makes it a better bike coming out of turns when on the gas.if your a yamaha rider its the way to go unfortunatly a friend let my son ride his 13 honda and now we have three yamahas fore sale.
  6. thumpinberry

    2013 aftermarket exhausts.

    did you have to remap it,i got that pipe on the way
  7. thumpinberry

    convince me to not go orange!

    buy my 2011 yz250f and use the yz frame top end and the wr bottom end and will will have the best woods bike u can buy
  8. thumpinberry

    2010 450 setup

    drd relocation kit totally changes this bike for the better.it took 3 trys on suspension to get it,but it turns and holds its line and is much more stable.
  9. thumpinberry

    10 450 cutting out (random STILL)

    i have had to replace one and 2 other people i know have also.
  10. thumpinberry

    10 450 cutting out (random STILL)

    change your throttle position sensor
  11. thumpinberry

    2011 YZ450 bogs at high RPM's

    my sons was doing that and would have a low speed bog,and was hard to start.took the fuel pump out and one of the wires were very loose.used pliers and crimped it together a little more and he rode it and said all bogs and hesitations are gone.
  12. thumpinberry

    Electric start 2010 yz250f

    are you are do you work with edgar
  13. thumpinberry

    Smart Performace

    i just had the smart performance kit put in my sons 10 yz450f and we tuned on it saturday at muddy creek raceway and raced with it sunday.my son really liked the suspension,and aftter over jumping a 120 ft triple and flatlanding it ,he loved it.that jump sent 3 people to the ambulance and got another rider a ride in a helicopter but he said his suspension soaked it up and wasnt even a hard landing.now we are waiting on a kit for our 250f since the 450 kit has passed the test.