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  1. doolan

    Yz250 spring rates

    Cheers I'll get the springs they recommend and see how I get on
  2. doolan

    Yz250 spring rates

    About 210 with gear. Did u guys have to revalve with the spring rate increase or get away with just springs?
  3. doolan

    Yz250 spring rates

    Hi guys I have a 2018 yz250 looking at changing springs front and rear I'm 200 pound ride b class moto. Having problems choosing spring weights using the calculators as mx tech say I need .45 fork springs and 5.2 rear but racetech say .48kg forks and 5.8kg rear. What are other bigger guys
  4. doolan

    500 people’s comments

    I recently went on a ktm demo day was surprised how light nimble and easy it was to ride. By far my favourite bike of the day and I'm coming off a yz250. I want 1!
  5. doolan

    2017 yz250 exhaust decision???

    I've ot a hgs gytr system on mine. It' a good all round pipe have had a pro circuit 2 that had better top end and over rev. I think I prefer stock over both
  6. doolan

    Yz250 revalve

    Heys guys I have just got a 2018 yz250 and looking at getting it sprung for my weight as I am 105 kg. I ride b class mx in my area jus wondering if it worth getting full revalve as my local dealer is telling me I need 2 get it done or can I just respring for my weight and be good 2 go? Cheers
  7. Hey guys looking at picking up a 17 450 this week. What hours have guys got on them and any major problems. Cheers
  8. Looking at a couple bikes a 2015 yz450f and a 2017 crf450. Both have 25 hours and both the same price. I'm coming off a 2015 yz250f I like everything about it but just want a bit more power as I'm 105 kg and feel like It struggles a bit in the sand and deep loam. Will be riding mostly mx and the odd trails. Has anybody ridden both reviews seem to favour the crf but want some real world opinions. Cheers.
  9. doolan

    2015 yz250f rebuild hours

    I done 45 hours on my top end everything looked like new . Put new timing chain and piston etc has 60 on it now valves have never moved since new. All the hours are on track either racing or practice. I'm pretty hard on it but change oil every 4 hours oil filter every second. Trail riding should be able to get alot more.
  10. I have a 2015 yz250f it smokes up on start up 2. I no a few others that do 2 seems common with them
  11. I just got my stuff from partzilla.
  12. Oem. 16+ have the better designed pistons and they are cheap.