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  1. Sounds like the wife needs two bikes! Let her get the crotch rocket that SHE wants, then pick up a decent 250 4 stroker on Craigslist for the trails that she (or your friend, or whoever else) can ride when needed. In the shadow of the cash pile spent on a dealership-purchased crotch rocket, a 2010 250 from Craigslist is mouse nuts. I ride a Drz400s and while it's good at everything, it's a frickin' beast in the steep and twisty. So so heavy and so so tall. If you put her on this bike and try to get her on dirt, she'll get exhausted fall, and hate dirt and the bike. IMO you need to help her have good experiences on dirt if you want it to take on. I'd actually suggest an xr200r or tw200 (tw220?). Low seats, low power, easy to have fun on. You can always upgrade if the interest peaks. Dress her up in all the gear, and best of luck with your street-to-dirt conversion Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using ThumperTalk mobile app
  2. RockyMtnMark

    Asking for advice on personal gear

    I wear moto helmet, goggles, gloves moto pants, sometimes a jersey otherwise long sleeve shirt. Alpine Tech 6 boots which were a good compromise on price, performance, and waterproofing to keep the toesies dry when splashing thru puddles. Knee pads with a hard shell rather than the soft knee pads. Fox pressure suit for the torso. I had it left over from the downhill mtb days, but it offers all the protection and isn't that uncomfortable. Gear up and have fun!
  3. RockyMtnMark

    Asking for advice on personal gear

    Once more. I'm sorry to pile the dookie one post deeper, but it needs to be said, because it is important. Few of us go out planning to crash, but you need to prepare for what COULD happen. My wife rides an xr200...slowly...in 2nd gear most of the time. She was cruising a smooth dirt road at about 10mph and got walloped by a 15 y.o. kid on an 800cc atv. She wasn't riding hard or doing anything more dangerous than being present in the woods. This kid splintered her leg: broke her tib, fib, femur in 2 places, and pelvis. The moto boot is the only thing that kept her bones inside her skin. In fact, the only flesh wound was a 3 inch gash on her knee -- because she was wearing knee pads. The grille guard of an 800cc atv slammed her square in the knee, and while it broke a femur and pelvis from a direct impact, only a small cut under the knee pad. Imagine what would've happened without boots or knee pads. Didn't expect to get slammed by some kid on an atv that day or ever, but if she hadn't been wearing her gear, the hospital stay would've been longer than the 2 weeks it was. You have to be smart and prepare for what could happen, not what you plan to have happen. ATGAT = all the gear, all the time.
  4. Pretty much any American hardware store that sells cleaning supplies will have Simple Green in a spray bottle or bigger quantities of concentrate. It's the bees knees. Very effective, water-based, generally safe to use.
  5. ...I've never seen a puddle I didn't ride through!! Byahh!
  6. This is a good point in my opinion. I don't think there's anything wrong with using an impact to remove bolts, since an impact is probably less likely to break or strip a stuck bolt than a person 'bouncing' on an Allen or socket several times as they realize how f'in tight something is. I like to play NASCAR mechanic with my plastics though, and use a Makita battery drill for re-installation with the clutch set to 7 out of 17. Then I snug them up by hand. I find impacts spin so dang fast that even if I'm trying to just snug something up it torques down before I realize the tiller us pulled
  7. RockyMtnMark

    What is this?

    I was so excited to contribute that I thought your image of the rubber drain tube was the original post, and you suggested a tube fits over the rubber nipple/tube. Saw I was wrong and corrected it. NBD. Why do you have a screen shot of it? Forum watchdog app? [emoji1]
  8. RockyMtnMark

    What is this?

    That's your airbox drain hole and a rubber nipple goes on it. The ends of the nipple are lightly pressed together making it kind of like a 1 way valve If you mob through a creek or get water in your air box while washing it, it drains through that hole. For a cheap replacement you could probably run a straight rubber hose down through your swing arm linkage like the other drain hoses.
  9. My friend and I put decking on a 1979 Holsclaw, and are in the process of fitting a third chock. The trailer comes with mounts for 3 rails but they all line up, so it wouldn't fit 3 bikes at once, it's too narrow. Putting the third chock on the tongue allows all 3 bikes to fit...with absolutely no room to spare.
  10. RockyMtnMark

    DRZ400-S Fork Oil Change / Replacement

    Awesome, thanks.
  11. RockyMtnMark

    DRZ400-S Fork Oil Change / Replacement

    Great video! What weight oil are we supposed to use on the 400s?
  12. I have a 1979 Holsclaw in bluewith 2 rails, and am looking for a third rail, since the mounting holes are there. This is the quietets and smoothest trailer I've ever pulled, and loading the bikes is so easy. I get a kick out of the suspension, but it works great going 40mph on washboard! I love it so far though I do often wish it was more utilitarian. Perhaps with expanded steel flooring it will feel more versatile.
  13. RockyMtnMark

    Valves: To Adjust or Just Ride?

    My local shop was willing to swap shims with me for free, so i installed them and everything is now in spec but on the lower end. Thanks for the ideas to swap with a shop and record measurements so that I can track how they're wearing. These had not been adjusted in 16 years and 15,000 hard miles, so I'll not be checking them every year, but maybe as often as twice a year, until I see them decrease further. New spacing, if anyone cares: Intake: 0.13mm, 0.11mm Exhaust: 0.23mm, 0.25mm Thanks again for the help everyone
  14. RockyMtnMark

    Valves: To Adjust or Just Ride?

    My original post says they were just below 0.20mm not 0.020. i did say they were about 0.022 below the bottom end of spec. though.
  15. RockyMtnMark

    Anyone riding Rampart tomorrow (Friday Mar 9th)

    I ended up not going...there was more snow than I expected to see last night