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  1. I was so excited to contribute that I thought your image of the rubber drain tube was the original post, and you suggested a tube fits over the rubber nipple/tube. Saw I was wrong and corrected it. NBD. Why do you have a screen shot of it? Forum watchdog app? [emoji1]
  2. That's your airbox drain hole and a rubber nipple goes on it. The ends of the nipple are lightly pressed together making it kind of like a 1 way valve If you mob through a creek or get water in your air box while washing it, it drains through that hole. For a cheap replacement you could probably run a straight rubber hose down through your swing arm linkage like the other drain hoses.
  3. My friend and I put decking on a 1979 Holsclaw, and are in the process of fitting a third chock. The trailer comes with mounts for 3 rails but they all line up, so it wouldn't fit 3 bikes at once, it's too narrow. Putting the third chock on the tongue allows all 3 bikes to fit...with absolutely no room to spare.
  4. Awesome, thanks.
  5. Great video! What weight oil are we supposed to use on the 400s?
  6. I have a 1979 Holsclaw in bluewith 2 rails, and am looking for a third rail, since the mounting holes are there. This is the quietets and smoothest trailer I've ever pulled, and loading the bikes is so easy. I get a kick out of the suspension, but it works great going 40mph on washboard! I love it so far though I do often wish it was more utilitarian. Perhaps with expanded steel flooring it will feel more versatile.
  7. My local shop was willing to swap shims with me for free, so i installed them and everything is now in spec but on the lower end. Thanks for the ideas to swap with a shop and record measurements so that I can track how they're wearing. These had not been adjusted in 16 years and 15,000 hard miles, so I'll not be checking them every year, but maybe as often as twice a year, until I see them decrease further. New spacing, if anyone cares: Intake: 0.13mm, 0.11mm Exhaust: 0.23mm, 0.25mm Thanks again for the help everyone
  8. My original post says they were just below 0.20mm not 0.020. i did say they were about 0.022 below the bottom end of spec. though.
  9. colorado

    I ended up not going...there was more snow than I expected to see last night
  10. Welp, I guess I need to quit sniffing the carb cleaner... I can't find that Stat anywhere right now. The green pamphlet says 4.2 million went into trail work last year with about 170,000 registered OHVs. That is about $24/machine...suggesting most of it goes back into the trails. Although I do recall seeing that Stat somewhere and cannot say for sure that the 4.2 million doesn't include funding the administration, sticker program, and law enforcement. Regardless, that green pamphlet is super cool because it does show you which trails are getting worked on, what they're doing to them, and which advocacy groups are leading the work. Sadly I can't attach the. PDF to this post so here's a link:
  11. If you're ever near Granby, go check out Kremmling. Preferably on a cool day. Great singletrack, tons of exposure and sun though.
  12. It bugs me that only the $0.25 of each permit goes to trail maintenance. The other $25 goes to administration. That said, it's cool to get the little green booklet with your pass each year which shows you all the recent work they've dove on trails throughout the state. I'd pay a lot more per year if all the extra cash went to the trails!
  13. colorado

    I'm going to go tomorrow but am sitting on a runway to get back to CO now. I hear it's raining or snowing everywhere though. Any insight if it's going to be rideable 3/29? Anyone want to come with??
  14. colorado

    I'm thinking to ride RR tomorrow. Do you think it will be a snowfest, or just muddy?
  15. Check out this file, it's the JD Jet Kit install instructions. Page 1 shows a great graphic with labels on how you stack the washers on your needle.