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  1. I still have my 2008 300, it's my main goto bike. I love the dicks 36/39 carb mod with intellajet, I installed it at the same time as the 300 sxs head, it seriously widened my power band and cleaned up the stock jetting. I did both mods because I was missing the wide power band of my crf450x and I'm 230 pounds without gear. I switch bikes with other 300 riders all the time, they just rave over the increased power of my bike. I don't race, I'm just a recreational trail rider who likes sweet running bikes.
  2. Year: 2008 Model (E,W,XC,M): XCW Carb size (38 or 36mm): 36 with Dicks Racing 36/39 carb mod Slide: Stock #7 Main jet: 160 Stock carb, with carb mod 162 Pilot Jet: 35 Needle model/Clip position: N2ZW#2 with stock carb, N2ZJ #3 with carb mod Altitude where you ride: 2,000' to 3000' Reeds: Stock Pipe/silencer: Stock / FMF TC II Head mod: Stock Other mods: None Type of fuel: 91 octane pump gas Where in the powerband do you ride (Lugger - for technical stuff, or wide open - desert / MX): 50/50 Degree of satisfaction: Very satisfied. Crisp throughout the powerband. And finally: how much spooge 1) none, 2) little, 3) medium, 4) lots: None. Notes: Air screw at 1.5 turns out and adjust for temps. The temps vary from 50 to 110 degrees F. Lowered the float level 3mm from stock. The Dicks racing carb mod turned the bike into a firebreather above 1/4 throttle, strong mid/top end, definitely requires a smooth throttle hand above 1/4.
  3. I did the exact same thing, except for the 38 pilot? and dropped the main to a 162. 1500asl temps 100+ Have you tried it with the stock 35 pilot? Just curious why you went up one on pilot jet. That N3CH needle is the schnizel, is it!
  4. Ditto, Same situation, same outcome, but I bought the 300xcw, couldn't find an XC. I'm still happy with my decision to buy the xcw, I just geared it down with a 52 rear spkt.
  5. Your dreaming if you think you'll find an 08 for that price. I looked all over for some sort of a deal, no dice. I just paid $7500 out the door! Best money I ever spent!
  6. I too jumped off the 4 stroke bandwagon and bought a 08 300 xcwe (bought5-1-08), I couldn't find an XC so good luck. The 300XCW works perfect for me, best single track bike ever made IMHO. No regrets whatsoever. Here's my specs at 1500' above sea level. 1.5 out on the air screw 35 pilot stock - lowest you can get. N3CH needle 3rd clip - this is the jetting secret for the 300, buy it now. 162 main - 165 is stock At your elevation, probably 158 main and 2nd clip on needle, maybe 2-2.5 on AS. +2 on the rear sprocket - 52 tooth tightens up the gearing very nicely. I do 50/50 mix of single track and open desert GP/Vet style trails and tracks. Go to here for spring rates, I run the P20 progressive rear spring - .46 front spring, 220 without gear, love it. http://www.racetech.com/evalving/menu/searchdirt.asp Good luck finding an 08 300xc.
  7. I'm letting mine break-in a bit more then going to 60:1. I only have 4 hours runtime on mine.
  8. Congrats on the new ride! I picked my 08 300xcw up at Bernies in Mesa az. 2 weeks ago. I'm running the dealer recommended 40:1 with 93 octane and jetting: 1.5 AS - N3CH #3 -162 main, very nice but a tad rich in the heat.
  9. rmcclurg1

    New front tire

    +1 for the 756RR awesome front tire, good stiff sidewall.
  10. I have the powerbomb header with the WB E2 slipon. I can tell that the powerbomb header will weaken your bottom end but it will give you a very meaty mid to top end rush. I really like it for fast desert. For technical single track I sometimes switch back to the stock header. I'd really like to try the megabomb header but, I don't like the cost. Good luck in your quest.
  11. This post should help. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/sho.../o/all/fpart/1 I grabbed it off the 450R forum, this is fairly common on the R.
  12. Yep, it's my CL post, you should buy it. It works on the 450x but you lose your odometer drive.
  13. DD, When I setup my garage I had problems uploading the pictures. I emailed Brian Wilson, he checked it out, it was a web server problem. When you get time you need to fill out the description for each one of your mods, like how awesome it was or POS waste of $, that helps junkies like me determine where to spend the $$$, that's what I did.
  14. Mine did that a few weeks ago. I found out eventually that it was a bad aftermarket fuel tank vent. It was weird, I removed the gas cap, put it back on, bike restarted, pinned it down the trail for about 1 minute then same thing. Eventually I figured out it was the fuel vent, duh, that's what I get for buying a cheapo off ebay. I hope your friends problem is a easy and cheap fix.
  15. Nice review, thanks! I'll have to take a look at one when my local dealer gets one.
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