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  1. Like said previously it probably is not completely needed, but if you just open on the throttle or the engine gets flooded it will only just make your life easier. It just depends you would just need to be carefull when you fall. Good luck.

    A couple of Questions on KLX250

    Yes that sounda legit. i would not know to much about the motard version i would go onto kawi site and check the part numbers for reasurance. If that does not help in the long end. Just find a way to see how big of a speed gap there is ans just kinda go by that from the stock cluster. The header should work because they are the same header. the only thing that i would question is, did kawi redesign how it is mounted and routed. hope this helps good luck.

    1998 klx300

    there was a big difference in years. As they went on they made some small adjustments to the engine. They fixed the problem with comression release on the exhaust valve. it makes it easier to start the bike and easier on the kick start gear. I think they changed the valves to a different metal or something or other so they did not stretch as fast. good luck with your purchase. you wont regret it. I do about the same riding as you, and i am very pleased with my bike gets the job done.

    gearing a 03' klx 300r

    what type of riding do you ride on. I ride in colorado and have ridden on 14/45 and done respectively. It is kinda trial and error on how you ride. good luck.

    adjusting suspension klx 300r

    So starting with the front forks you have the bleeders on top to relieve air so when your forks compress and rebound air gets into the forks i think someone might want to check me on this fact. Then at the botton you have two clickers for when you hit a bump it restricts or relieves the oil going through the valve inside each fork for resistance. Hince the gold valve kit that you can get to help the front supension out from www.racetech.com . On this site you can look up settings for what springs go best with your rider weight. http://www.racetech.com/evalving/english/Srchpr.asp?bikeid=540&manufacture=Kawasaki&model=KLX300&year=2001&TABLEINFO=dirt&langname=english (I did not know what year your bike was so i plugged mine, this was just an example.) to change out your springs you are going to want to get a service manual this will tell you everything about how to replace the springs. Then you have the rear shock. Like many have said to set the sag you should go to planetklx.org and look up the sag setter that will help you with this and another set of hands helps in this process. the oil resevoir that hangs off to the side controls when you go up and down the clicker on the bottom of this resevior controls how fast your rebound goes. you want to adjust this after your springs and forks are dialed in to your rider weight. Go to the same site and you can imput you weight in the calculator and it will tell you the tight spring rate, all on the site. This is if the stock spring is not heavy enough and 9 times out of ten it is, i had to replace mine. Again hints on the service manual it will tell you how to get the shock off the bike and replace the spring. I hope this helps you to understand this a little bit better. you are going to need some basic hand tools to do these, so i dont know if you have access to some or if you have a set. It does help to have a pro do this but that does come at a price. but there is an upside to doing it yourself you know everything about your suspension in the end. Good luck and if you have any other questions just ask. we are all here to help.

    KLX330 big bore vs CRF250x?

    I am not pissing in anyones wheaties but you also have the fact that you are talking about two different machines and what they are meant for. For instance. The KLX300 is a little older in designing while you have the CRF that is the top of line and current on the design playing field. X is also a track bike and i dont think most KLX owners will ride there bike on the track or atleast i would not. It all depends on what you want and how much you are whilling to shell out and to get to your desired acceptance of the bike. good luck to all. i did hear that about the older models of the 250X's that there top end did take melt down but now seems like they have that fixed. Honda has made a great bike. I dont dought that a bit. I got to ride a friends 450X and that thing scared the Sh*T out of me. but they push a tad bit to much power out of the engine it self.
  7. +1 i was just about to post this up. they seem like they would quiet the pipe down. I was just thinking the same thing. If you are not passing test then that is not the stock pipe. or atleast the baffles are gone maybe.

    Anybody try a Teraflex on a KLX300?

    It will fit the swing arm. they made an even bigger on at one time. Tha one would not fit. the tires are just to heavy, you need more power for those sized tires. suck as maybe a 450.
  9. pretty much any degreaser will work on cleaning the filter. i use mineral spirits and that works nicely. you just let it sit out to completly dry then, install back onto bike.
  10. Well i do not think droping the needle will help as much as changing the main jet down to a 130. So here a some things that will help you find a dyno jet kit and that will slove all you carb problems. then i would invest in setting up your suspension by someone. then i would get a uni airfilter. then i would do the crank case breather mod. the rest is up to you. you can do really big mods but they cost money. like a 300 kit or a 331 bore kit. good luck.

    Quick cheap power mods?

    I have not really worked on the klr's but i would have to agree with dave g ther has to be something similar see if there is a dynojet kit for the klr that will help some, get the carb all dialed in.

    jetting after header & exhaust

    Yes i would have to agreee with everyone else i would just stay with the 130. after the header, everything should just even out.

    2002 KLX300 Complete Clutch Assembly

    yeah i kinda had the same thing happen to me except it was me that did the damage. i had just changed my chain and then on a ride the gide plate that holds guide tensioners on came off and went through some gears so i had to buy a new clutch basket. i would go aftermarket, i got a new hinson clutch basket and i think they are mutch lighter, but whatever you decide ahould be a good decision. good luck.

    klx 250s speedo on a klx 300r?

    I am almost shure that the 250S speedo will fit on the 300R. The only problem with that project is that on the 250 on the tripple trees, it is either on the top or the bottom one that there is one more hole that the 300R does not have. Because the speedo is mounted with headlight and both of thoose are mounted to a rack type thing and that is bolted to the tripple trees. so to get the speedo you will have to replace one of the tripple trees. i will post some pictures to show you. because i own a 300R and my dad owns a 250S. hope that it works i would reallt like to know because i really like analog compared to the digital. just a personal preference.
  15. Thank you for the advice. do you have any hints that you could lend me for where to look for some of the good riding areas near there. i live in colorado so it would not be to far. thanks in advance great pictures again.