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  1. Xfool

    air psi vs springrate

    I want to change the spring to drop fork pressure by 10 psi. How do I figure that out?
  2. Xfool

    Airforks ! what do i need to know ?

    For the work DaveJ was doing, can you download his model from somewhere?
  3. Thanks BDG, Remarkable they are all so close at 0.5 inch. Probably a good thing in terms of end coil effects aren't making wild differences. Thanks for the plot.
  4. Show us the curve! I think that would be interesting to see the variance over the first inch.
  5. Xfool

    effectiveness of shock compression adjuster

    There is a huge difference between knowing what the damping profile looks like and guessing. For a seat of the pants tuner all you are going to get is the next best guess at a setup. With some iterations you can keep the suspension from bottoming but you are never going to get it perfected.
  6. Xfool

    Shim ReStackor calculation

    texasthierry: Nice screen shot! The other way to go is [alt] [Print Screen] open a photo editor and paste the screen shot from the clipboard. Then you can save it as a jpg or whatever. For some photo editors you can paste in plots from excel the same way to make them jpg's for posting on the web. Or just use a camera...........
  7. Xfool

    Aftermarket pistons!

    You can definitely change the shape of the damping profile by changing the port design. But here is another thought. If you sold the ultimate shim stack configuration for the stock valve. All of the customers buddies can copy the shim stack setup for their own bikes. Same shim stack on a custom valve is worthless on the stock piston i.e. the race tech stack tables don't help much for tuning a stock valve. In that sense proprietary piston designs protect the shim stack and damping profile design. Unless you have some way to scale the shim stack from one port design to another..........
  8. Xfool

    6.6 Gallon fuel load tuning options

    Assuming that 6.6 gallons is a fuel tank, and not bleach bottles strapped to your belt, you should check out this anti-slosh foam: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=232105&highlight=fuel+slosh You will not believe how much better your bike will handle, stock or larger tank, after you stop the fuel from sloshing around. For the fork spring the only way to tell is ride it. If the front tucks in a hard turn you need a stiffer spring otherwise your good imo.
  9. Xfool

    Clicker settings, stock ones needed

    To get the stock setting for any of the clickers screw them in all the way to the stop, then back them off until they stop clicking. Divide by two. If it comes out to be 13 add or subtract one. There are the stock clicker settings for any of the circuits. Stock settings mean nothing. You need to adjust the clickers until you get the ride you want. In your case it sounds like you want to screw the rebound clickers in a couple of clicks and possibly back off on the fork compression. Be sure to report back on what works.
  10. Here is the stock crf450 link compared to the merge link. and the spring force at the wheel up to the shock bump rubber Since the merge link is slightly less progressive if you used the same spring preload the race sag would be 4 mm lower. So how does the thing ride? Does the 10 mm lower CG produce a noticeable difference? If you drop your forks 10mm to get the same geometry does it feel the same?
  11. That would be interesting. Where is the stock curve?
  12. Here is the new remeasured merge linkage curve. Keep in mind recerfmx is using a shortened bump rubber. So a stock configuration is going to get into the bump rubber 13mm earlier in the shock travel. And here is the wheel spring force compared to a linear curve up to the point where racerfmx measured the shock to hit his shorted bump rubber. Still hovering around +/- 20 lbf of a linear curve. Having the linkage curve cross the linear curve at 100 mm of sag is an important element of the linkage setup. If you are a little lite you will be on the soft side of 100 mm and if you are a little heavy you will be on the stiff side. Either way the linkage progression pushes you back to 100 mm of race sag.
  13. If it is not external where you can see it, it will not provide the necessary "bling" to qualify as a linkage. IMO.
  14. You have missed my point. That curve is so close to linear that the linkage "progression" makes little difference in spring force or shock piston velocity. Maybe someone can plot out the changes in piston velocity and show me the difference?
  15. Xfool

    Shim Restackor Help

    In the demo you can only run a single valve, base or mid. You can't run the combined base/mid-valve configuration of the cavitation calculations. Are you running the free demo or something else?