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  1. TimSM


    Sorry bro gold > blue. But to each their own
  2. TimSM


    I splurged. You won't regret it. You can install the FCR while you are waiting for your MRD and run it with the stock exhaust no problem.
  3. That's good. I wasn't trying to be harsh either, just helpful. I was tempted to have mine installed by a shop until I saw their labor rates lol.
  4. Part of being a bike owner is learning to become mechanically inclined. I ordered the same kit for my '15SM and although it was a real struggle - installed it without Pilot Air Jet, then realized I needed to keep it in (D'OH!) - I'm glad I did it myself. Greasing the inside of the boots really helped things slip on. Just my 2 cents.
  5. TimSM

    MRD Z-PRO installed!

    I'm gonna roll without a heat shield. The heat is already producing a magnificent color change on the pipe, and I like it all exposed. My leg still has a few inches of clearance from the pipe given my riding posture, so I'm not worried about burning my calf. I never plan on selling Gertrude either. She is my first bike. If I have a family I will pass it to my son. Maybe for shits and giggles I'll use the stock exhaust for target practice with my AR somewhere
  6. This is true. I purchased a new kit in May 2015 and took the PAJ out like an idiot. Bike could not run. As soon as I put it back in, it ran great.
  7. TimSM

    MRD Z-PRO installed!

    Date ordered: April 30 Date shipped: June 1 The pipe just showed up at my work today. It is truly a thing of beauty, the weld points are very sexy. It is incredibly lighter than the stock exhaust as well. Installation was very easy. First off - it is LOUD. At least +10dB louder than my open stock. Which is a good thing for me. I need cars to hear me coming whilst lane splitting. Maybe even a little uncivilized? The force of the air coming out of the pipe is ridiculously strong. I put my hand behind it and it blows it away. Not a great metric to measure by, but there is a huge difference between stock. I did the FCR swapout while I was waiting for it to ship. With both together now, it really feels much closer to an RMZ450. The wait was well worth it. I never even considered a yoshi or FMF after researching MRD pipes. I am still at work and only rode it to the gas station, and I did notice a bit more popping on decel. I'll have to look into that more, but boy does it pull. Sorry about the ginormous image. What should I do with the POS sitting in the background? Dave sent me the sticker for the pipe too, but I like the sleeper look without logos.
  8. TimSM

    Jiggily levers normal for DRZ?

    Mine have a bit of play. If I had a KTM or something premium then I would complain, but something tells me this is how it's supposed to be
  9. 1. Throw that shit away. I ziptied the tank vent hose to the left side of the frame by the peg. 2. Yes. That inlet adapter with the copper washer on the topend should have a vacuum hose running to the Res petcock port. 3. The clearance between the throttle wheel/frame is extremely close. I haven't had any issues though.
  10. TimSM

    Zeta rubber killers

    Handling does improve because it is a more rigid setup. It feels less vague. I didn't notice a major increase in vibration. After I dropped my bike the first time, I bought these and have never looked back/had any issues.
  11. TimSM

    Fcr39mx gas mileage ? Until reserve ?

    I get ~41 mpg (reserve at 70 miles, 1.7 gallons to fill-up after that range). I go WOT between red lights and such though, and other jackass behavior
  12. I don't understand all the hate on the stock DRZ seat. I have zero complaints after a couple months of daily riding. Maybe it's because I've never sat on anything nicer, but most likely because I'm skinny with no ass
  13. TimSM

    HELP! first oil change

    I put 2k miles on my new bike and have done 2 oil changes (600mi, 1600mi). I did not clean the screen either time and everything has been running fine. The drz oil change video I watched made no mention of this. Just my 2 cents Put it back together. Ride tomorrow. Worry about the screen next change. Also, I reused the washer for both changes and no leaks. I'll probs get new washers next change.
  14. TimSM

    Bad handle bar bushings

    Buy these they are under $20 from ebay http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop/product/zeta-rubber-killers/196
  15. TimSM

    FCR issues......maybe?

    Put the PAJ back in. Although mine could start with it out, it died quickly and sounded bad. I did the install 2 weeks ago. I also need to give mine a little throttle but then it idles perfectly.