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  1. 82ProLink

    Bike Chocks

    CONDOR chocks. Heavy duty, works extremely well.
  2. I have a 2012 ex-Penske 17 foot boxvan that's an ongoing project. Original idea was a Sprinter, canned that idea due to negative feedback re. Sprinter reliability (mostly electrical issues) then Ford Transit but couldn't justify spending 40K for a long wheelbase base model, so I bought the Penske for 12K. Very happy with it, btw. Not as big a problem driving locally as I thought it would be, just keep in mind it's 10'6" high and a bit wider than a smaller van. Lots of space, I carry three full-size bikes comfortably and a 6 x 8 foot living/sleeping area. I can't answer regarding Econoline vans, but: 1) I bought two of the lock-and-load thingies......didn't like them, big, wide, in the way, shin-busters. Look at CONDOR bike chocks (trailer mount model). I now have three of them in my van, extremely well (US) made, best I've seen by far. 2) My van was an off-lease 4-year old with 128 000 miles on it, had it serviced by my mechanic and he said it was "in phenomenal condition". Lower is better, miles-wise. 3) A 4x4 van would be nice, but $$$$$$$. Unless you're planning an African odyssey from Cairo to Cape Town, overkill I think. RWD will suffice for 95% of the places you want to go. 4) Size: I ruled out an Econoline early on, I'm 6'6 and tried loading some bikes into my buddy's and about scalped myself 17 times. Higher space is better. The Ford Transit is a very nice vehicle but it's not cheap, by the time you build it you're probably out 50-60K. Since they've only been sold in the US since 2015, there's not much (if any) of a used market yet.
  3. 82ProLink

    Absolutely amazing thing

    I found an almost-new 2006 TTR 125L about three years ago, made a few modifications. I wanted to give the little 125 more puff so installed a FMF exhaust, aftermarket (BBR? I forget now) air filter and cage, opened up the airbox a WHOLE lot, together with a bigger carb it's supposed to double the HP from 9 to almost 20. All went well except the carb swap. It's driving me nuts, and today I saw the damnedest thing I've ever seen on 2 or 4 stroke. I swapped the VM20 carb for a VM26 from SUDCO, ie. a real Mikuni. By the way - they know their stuff, the minute I told the guy what I was doing he knew exactly what I needed, even the jetting for my elevation in Phoenix. It's not even that expensive, wanna say it was around $90. It came pre-jetted too. I asked specifically whether a 26 would be an issue vs. a 24, he said no, it only needed a slightly bigger hole drilled in the top for the single cable to fit into. Worked out very nicely. However - It's never run properly, I moved soon after doing the swap so never sorted it out....till now. The bike has sat for a year or so, I ran it dry before doing do. The carb was still a little gummed up so my mechanic buddy today took it apart and cleaned it out. Reinstalled it, put a quarter gallon of fresh gas in the tank, hooked up the fuel line, and kicked it a few times. It started and ran for a few seconds and died. Almost immediately a FLOOD of fuel came pouring out of the airbox, through the air boot......I couldn't believe the volume. It smelled bad too, like old fuel, or maybe water/oil mix. WTF? I'm a very experienced bike mechanic (well....amateur) and I have NEVER seen anything like it. It was way more than the float bowl could hold, and the fuel line couldn't possibly feed that much gas to it. All I could come up with is, the float level is SO wrong that the bowl filled up and then blew it through the boot and out the airbox. But that doesn't make sense. WAAAAY too much came out, as mentioned. 2nd possibility, what came pouring out the airbox looked brownish and dirty....maybe fuel got into the crankcase, and was somehow sucked out when it ran briefly? It wasn't a small dribble or even round stream like out of the fuel line, it was a friggin FLOOD. Does anyone have any ideas?? I'm 100% baffled.
  4. 82ProLink

    XR 400 sidestand

    This may sound silly, but can anyone tell me how long a stock, OEM XR400 sidestand is? I know it's longer than some other Honda models, because I installed one on a taller-than-stock CRF230 some time ago. Unfortunately I neglected to measure it but I recall it was at least 2 inches longer than the stock 230 stand. I now have the same issue with my newly-built XR650R which leans like a drunken streetwalker. Sidestand seems kinda short. I figure it's easier to just install a longer sidestand than cutting and welding the short one.....my welding skills ain't up to it anyways. Total overall length in inches, please. Thanks
  5. 82ProLink

    XR 400 kickstand

    Can anyone please tell me how long the OEM XR 400 kickstand is? Say from bolt hole to foot? I need a longer one for my XR 650 and from putting a 400 kickstand on my wife's CRF230 I have this idea in my skull that it's longer than the 650's. Thanks
  6. 82ProLink

    XR 650 R kickstand

    My newly completed BRP project leans a bit too much for my liking. Not sure if it's higher profile tyres, the Stillwell modified suspension, or what. Looks like I need a longer stand. Problem is BRP, Trail Tech, Fastway all make CRF 450 R and X stands but not 650R. Does anyone have any ideas? 1) I put a XR 400 stand on a modded and taller CRF230 some time ago, it was substantially longer and worked perfectly. Can anyone please tell me the length of a stock XR400 sidestand? 2) Has anyone tried a CRF 450X stand on a 650? Footpegs too, while we're on the subject? i've never looked at the 450 mounts, but if they're interchangeable that would solve several issues. Gracias
  7. 82ProLink

    Show your PIG

    My XR 650R that looked like this in November.......... Just back from the Stilwell Performance shop. They built it for me while I was engaged in a company training course. Couple of small things to do that I forgot about, inclduing mounting the licence plate, then it's off to Colorado while it's 400 degrees in Phoenix. Then, who knows?
  8. 82ProLink

    Transit or Boxvan?

    By the way.....two things without which you will NOT complete a project like this On sale at Sears, total investment about $40. Best money I've spent on this van
  9. 82ProLink

    Transit or Boxvan?

    Geezus H.....this thing just dumped everything. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Progress report, 3 CONDOR chocks and E-track bolted down, chocks are bolted to the box frame underneath which took some welding and drilling. E-track was easy. It will get horizontal L-track along the walls to tie EZ-Up, rolled up carpet, brooms, shovels, folding tables etc to. Boxes along the sides too. Next priorities are the divider wall with solid RV door, the couches/bed in the front section. Further along, 40 gal. water tank under the frame with outside plumbing to a RV propane hang-on-the-wall shower. Also solar panels and system. And of course the doggy door into the drivers' cab. Every metal-to-metal surface gets SECOND SKIN noise and heat insulation called DAMPLIFIER PRO. Not cheap, but very good. I'm building with aluminium instead of wood so vibration and noise are big concerns. This stuff works great - cut to size or shape, peel off the backing and stick to whatever. Here are a few shots: Positioning the E-track Cutting and pasting the insulation Chocks and E-track mounted
  10. i bought mine last year and have been modernizing this fine retro ride.

    also  my body work by rocky's & hard knocks to me & bike  by hollister hills...

    lucky for me i found an XR wizard at davismotoworks.com, each crash he fixed it up better than original.





  11. 82ProLink

    Show your PIG

    I grew up on XR's in a manner of speaking, and can't help myself when i get around 650's. About a year ago I saw a clean-looking one on Craigslist and while out to breakfast I told the missus I wanted to go look at it, as we were close by the seller's place. She laughed at me, but she was right - I did buy it. My 3rd one. It's been sitting in the garage, and I wasn't sure what to do with it as I have one on its way back to the US from having been overseas for quite a while. I had several people bug me to sell it but I just couldn't do it. So, two weeks ago, I decided to build it into a Baja (or Colorado, or anywhere) racer/cruiser. You know, the usual......suspension work, large tank, solid bash plate, higher seat.....same as my Old No.1 which will be home by Christmas hopefully. Actually, more....I'm going big on this one. I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with having two of them. Should last me till I'm dead. No.1 is a 2001 bought new in San Diego when I lived there, it was CA street legal but I haven't lived there in 14 years so moot point. I've had some most excellent adventures on it, and the "Big One" aka a high-speed crash in Baja that had me off work for 8 1/2 months. My leg aches just thinking about it. No.2 was a low-time 2002 or 3, forget now, bike off Ebay from Dallas, with the intent of racing the Baja 1000. However, horrible work schedules scuttled those plans and the bike became a debt payment to a friend in SoCal. No.3 is my VERY low time 2002 bought off Craigslist here in Phoenix. Still has the original rear tyre on it. It's CLEAN. Can't wait to get the box of expensive stuff mounted. In sequence....1, 2, 3
  12. 82ProLink

    Transit or Boxvan?

    4x4 would be the ultimate....but I bet that's even more expensive than the $40K for the LWB high roof I was looking at
  13. 82ProLink

    Transit or Boxvan?

    That was why I stopped looking at Sprinters early on - too many negative comments about reliability and maintenance on the various forums I surveyed. Ratio of good to bad reviews was shocking, around 1:5.
  14. 82ProLink

    Transit or Boxvan?

    A friend in my off-road club is building a Transit, exactly the model I had looked at. Very nice vehicle, but frankly after getting used to the space in mine I'm very happy with my choice. Not to mention, I'm STILL $25 grand ahead despite the pile of expensive alum stock lying in my garage
  15. 82ProLink

    Ryan Dungey Isn't Dead!

    "Pushing the envelope" are we? While the overall premise of your article is true, you clearly don't factor in things like upbringing, family background, personal values and so forth. I have NEVER seen even the slightest indication that Dungey is anything but a thoroughly decent guy, well grounded and extremely disciplined. Are you a mxer? Dirt rider? Or just a "sports journo" whose frame of reference is the mayhem footballplayerrapists get up to? How many top ex-racers are in jail for drug dealing/murder/assault/rape/mayhem? Why did you post an interview with what I assume is an ex-FBPR? Apples and oranges. Football is about half a step above bare-knuckle boxing as far as character and social adaptation go. Completely different types of people, mx racers and FBPR's. Yes, I think NFL is a joke - the low-life behaviour and criminality that increasingly define that sport the last decade or so being the main reason. Dungey will miss the thrill, I'm sure. But he doesn't strike me as the kind of person who craves the limelight and being "famous". None of them are. Well........... except maybe Pastrana a little but he has earned the right ! I'm a little dismayed at the tone of your piece - trying to frame Ryan Dungey in the context of ex-football players who first, can't handle the fame, and later the anonimity of retirement. After they blow the millions they made, that is. It's all about CHARACTER. Dungey, Tomac, Osborne, McGrath, Windham, Carmichael, Albertyn, Henry, Emig, etc.....they all have it. Goons like that NFL player who was just murdered in prison - while serving a life sentence for murder himself...Hernandez was it? DON'T. Please don't drag ESPN-style BS into our sport.