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  1. pb1963

    Crooked Finger OHV

    Nobody has any info huh? Might just have to go check it out of my own.
  2. pb1963

    Crooked Finger OHV

    I'm checking back in 5 years. Was at camp Dakota the other weekend and noticed some bikes going by. Is there much to this OHV now?
  3. pb1963

    Did XR650R Fork Seals get updated?

    Just to clarify, the bushing, washer, oil seal and dust seal, measure 0.75" together. That I don't have in the tube in order to get the c clip in.
  4. When I took it apart, it was the C-clip, dust seal and then oil seal. The Honda manual for installation has them in the reverse order. However, in the new seal package there are instructions with a diagram showing oil seal, c-clip and finally dust seal. The reason for this I can only assume is that the new Honda seals are thicker and I can't get the clip in over the oil seal and the dust seal. My old seal along with the dust seal measured 0.57" while the new stack measures 0.60". The baffling part of this is we did the right fork first and it went back together just fine. The left one is giving us trouble. Before you say we installed something correctly, we measure inside the tube to where the C-clip seats and there isn't 0.60". Anyone else ran into this issue?
  5. pb1963

    TTR 90 (good bike?)

    I'm looking to trade or sell my son's TTR50. A guy contacted me about trading for a TTR90. I wanted to just get him an XR/CRF 70 as I really like Honda's. Anyway, the 90 looks like it would be a good bike for my son but I'm not familiar with them. Any 90 opinions out there? I've got mixed feelings about the TTR50.
  6. Yep, I've seen XR's . My problem is I've dumped a bunch of money into the bike recently and I keep telling my wife I'll stop, but there's always something pops up. I'd like to stick with the stocker if I can. Happy wife=happy life you know!!
  7. I want to run a 15-tooth up front on my 650R. From the research I've done, it looks like some guys run a stock case saver and a 15. However, when I put it on there with the case saver nothing was rubbing but there is maybe 1/8" clearance. Wasn't sure if it would work.
  8. So I ended up trading my 450X for a nicely setup 650R back in December. Since then I've been on a half a dozen good rides. For example this last weekend I went and did a 40 mile loop with a buddy in the AZ desert north of Phoenix. It was a mix of tight single track, double track, washes and a little bit of gravel roads. The 650R handled them all effortlessly. My buddy I was riding with wanted me to ride his newly uncorked 2011 Husky TE449. We traded and after about 5 miles or so I wanted mine back. The R is so easy to ride, even in the tight stuff. That big ol' motor has so much useable torque. I described it like this: its as close to riding a bike with a recluse clutch as your going to get without actually having one.I'm actually less tired after a hard ride than I was on my X, I know it sounds funny but its true. Anyway, I'm glad I made the switch back to the R, the only thing I miss is the e-start. Third times a charm I guess!
  9. pb1963

    XR650R Stator

    Thanks Mike! I've done quite a bit of research on rewinding it yourself but for some reason I'm kinda chicken. Not sure why, I guess I don't want to screw up mainly. I'd rather just have someone like yourself that knows what they're doing. I will probably be giving you a call.
  10. pb1963

    XR650R Stator

    Just saw that Accel makes a 200w stator for a XR650R/XR400. Apparantly it has a lifetime warranty. The one I saw on ebay was about $50 cheaper than a Ricky or a BD stator. I know those are all good but at the moment $50 is $50. I know Accel makes top of the line ignition equipment for hot rods and stuff. Anyone try one of these?
  11. pb1963

    XR650R idle

    I had the hanging idle problem on my 650R. Here is an entire thread that I started showing my results. Don't know if it was the right way but it was simple and my bike runs awesome! http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/936515-xr650r-air-jet-cut-off-valve-best-way-to-plug-it/page__fromsearch__1
  12. pb1963

    XR650R Stator

    Easier than rebuilding the carb on the XRR?
  13. pb1963

    XR650R Stator

    Well that sucks balls!!
  14. pb1963

    XR650R Stator

    Finally figured out how to get a picture on here. So what do I have, a stocker?
  15. pb1963

    XR650R Stator

    Good info, thank man! I will work on that.