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    I like to race motocross and so trail riding on poker runs
  1. schwen_11

    reed or stewart

    Boy, looks like Seattle is going to be a decision maker this year! I say Stewart's gonna come out on top this year. But if Reed does beat Stewart out for the championship it will defiantly distinguish him as a force to be reckoned with in Supercross. I just can't wait for the nationals!
  2. schwen_11

    Just got my 1st bike

    Stand up too, if you're sitting down, you'll tire faster.
  3. schwen_11

    ATL SX 2009 Predictions, Discussion and Results *SPOILERS*

    AS=Andrew Short
  4. schwen_11

    The Kitchen is open!

  5. schwen_11

    J-Law Suspened

    Does anyone remember the confrontation on the track between Villopoto and J-Law last year at I think Hangtown? I dont even remember Villopoto getting a fine for that. In my opinion, he should have gotten a suspension, he could have really effed up J-Law with that move. Don't start bashing on me, i'm a hardcore Villo fan, but I look it as it should be fair...But I do have to take in to consideration that J-Law was already on probation by the AMA before he pulled that stunt. (at San Fran)
  6. Damn DRX, that 02 was sure pretty. But I'd have to get rid of it too if it only got 6MPG.
  7. Those are sick pics! I can't wait for the annual mud bogg here at the Seattle SX. But hey, they run Washougal national in the summer, which is 90% of the time hot and humid weather, making it a fun race to watch from under a vender hospitality tent!
  8. schwen_11

    Every pro riders have this..

    It's used to build muscle endurance, plain and simple, if you can get your legs or arms or any part of your body to do well under constant strain and not tire out it should help prevent any armpump or legpump.
  9. schwen_11

    Mis-leading headlines!

    Yeah, this is really messed up. Besides, usually it's the parents that do the maitnence on the motorcycles, depending on the age of the adolecent of course. If they were to ban sale of mini moto's, then by their own law they should also be banning motorcycle sales period! I hope this doesn't actually happen.
  10. schwen_11

    Stopped Thieves From Stealing my Bike

    Thats sick, I would have fired a warning shot up in the air just to make them sh*t their pants
  11. schwen_11

    Help with photobucket??

    What you do is go into photobucket, find the picture you want and scroll over it with your mouse, then these little tabs pull up underneath the photo, click on the one that has the tag and copy that, then from there you can post it up on just about any forum and it should show the pic in your posts
  12. schwen_11

    A Safer Helmet?

    Just think of it like this, an O'neal helmet is not going to protect you as good as a Shoei or an Arai. Personally, I think Arai makes the best helmet for your head.
  13. Yeah, I agree, you sounded legit. That guy is probably a prick anyways. whatever, what matters is your friend got a bike, and now he's on 2 wheels having fun.
  14. schwen_11

    Could a leatt brace saved Jearmy Lusk?

    A Leatt probably would have worsened his injuries, It is a neck restraint, and you gotta throw your head back pretty quick to get the flip just right. My guess, if he were wearing a Leatt, he would have literally landed on the top of his head with no chance the front wheel hitting the ground.
  15. schwen_11

    A must have for your bike

    I've always heard the purple powerbands were the fastest...