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  1. Nothing extreme mainly use it as a pit bike. Problem is I'm 6'2" 220. Never had a issue until I changed the stock tire to a Dunlop 756. I'm also running 30-35 pounds of air pressure but still having trouble with pulling out the valve stim.
  2. I need to add a rear rim lock to my stock xr 50. What size do i need to order: 1.6, 1.85, 2.15, or 2.5? Tired of replacing tubes.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'm leaning toward trying the 403. Finding a lot of positive reviews on it.
  4. I am sad to say that my last Front dunlop 756 i is on its last "moto". The 756 front has always been my tire of choice due to its versatility in changing conditions. The reviews on the front geo mx51 are not that good especially on for soft terrain. I'm also seeing mixed reviews on the MX 31. Any recommendations for a front tire for a crf 450 from diahard 756 users? I ride 100% MX on tracks that range from deep loam to intermediate conditions. Looking for a good all around front tire.
  5. dav

    clutch cable rubbing valve cover

    Clear 3M tape tape works good to prevent the problem. It also works well on the head tube where the cables rub the serial numbers and where the shrouds rub the frame.
  6. dav

    07 crf450r jetting question..

    I'm at sea level and I have my 07 jetted with a 175 main jet, stock pilot, air screw 1 turn out. When the humidity is high I will run a 172 main.
  7. dav

    2007 Honda CRF450R-HELP

    Your jetting is good.
  8. dav

    2007 Honda CRF450R-HELP

    I had similar issues with my 07 recently. Thought it was carb related and cleaned and replaced the jets, which did not fix the problem. Changed the spark plug and the issue was resolved. If the bike had pump gas with ethenol in it that may be your problem. Also if the bike was stored with fuel stabilize it may cause plug issues. Need more info from you to determine if your jetting is correct...elevation? Temp? Stock exhaust?
  9. dav

    Which Foot Pegs Do You Recommend?

    I have had good luck with fastway pegs. They are much wider than stock and you can adjust them down and back and the toe can be moved up or down. The cleats are also adjustable and can be replaced.
  10. dav

    Purple power

    If you follow the instructions and dilute it to the proper strength it works good. At full strenght It's to strong for the aluminum. Full strength is good for cleaning the chain.
  11. dav

    99 DR 350 starter gear failure?

    My cousin just bought a 99 DR 350 that seemed to be in good mechanical shape, but poor cometic shape. Today was the first day he has rode the bike. The bike made a loud sound and appeared to lock up. After inspecting the motor it was discovered that the starter gear behind the flywheel broke a tooth and the smaller gear that it runs on also broke a tooth. The question I have is...is this a common failure? What could have caused it? I dont want to replace the gears and later find out that there is a deeper issue with the bike. In the link below gear #3 broke and the large gear it runs on. http://oem.thumpertalk.com/images/Suzuki/1997/Motorcycles/1911_6.gif
  12. dav

    Best place to buy new CRF 450??

    Check with Brookhaven Honda in sothwest Mississippi. They are a volume dealer that offer great deals on new bikes.
  13. dav

    Stewart to suzuki?

    IMO....money led to lost focus
  14. dav

    another crf50 carb issue

    Make sure to check the fuel filter in the tank that is connected to the fuel cock.
  15. dav

    CRF450R Back Brake Problems!!!

    How much wear is on the brake pads? If they have a lot of wear and the caliper is fully extended bleeding will be difficult. In most cases if the mc is good the line is next weak link, but if it has been replaced trouble shoot the caliper.