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  1. Is that it's toungue (sp?) hanging out the front bumper? Since moving down here I have zip tied mine up out of the way! Ha Ha!
  2. Hey Devo hows it going up north? The new to you truck looks nice! Bryce
  3. buggrd

    New National In Texas

    Thanks Jbird.
  4. buggrd

    New National In Texas

    Hey guys, I am new to Texas, (Houston area), what part of the state is the race at.
  5. buggrd

    moving to houston?

    Fastest1, I don't care who ya are that there was funny!
  6. Hey you don't have to be a TT vet to know UGLY!
  7. buggrd

    Garden City

    I'm from north central Ks but I'm down that way alot on business, it looks like to me alot of people ride in the so called river down there. I also wonder about the lake up by Scott City.
  8. I have an 2001 F-350, crew cab, 4x4, shortbed , diesel 6-speed w/ 128,000 miles. MT it gets 17-19, when I pull my 7x21 enclosed with 2 bikes and a quad plus al the extras I still get 11-13 and I have a heavy foot. It pulls this in overdrive almost all the time except in the mountains.
  9. buggrd

    You might be from Iowa if...

    That stuff is funny because it so applies to us Kansans! We even have a Watermelon Day celebration every Labor Day. Well gotta go run INTO town to see the Dr.. think I broke my thumb this past week trail riding out in Colorado. Also it's hot out so I think I'll stop at the Dairy King and get a pop!
  10. buggrd

    HEADLINE - MCL_157 Wins the Women's Class!

    Hey, at least I have a pendulum We had a great time at BC even if Baja did over embellish a bit.
  11. buggrd

    Bluff Creek Ride on July 1st

    Yea we know how to get there, we have been there twice before. No one from the c/w trip. It will be me, my oldest son and nephew.
  12. buggrd

    Bluff Creek Ride on July 1st

    Leaving within an hour I hope, as we are loading up the trucks now.
  13. buggrd

    Bluff Creek Ride on July 1st

    Hey guys, I think three of us Ks. boys are going to be there on Friday also. We are working in Iowa from Wed. thru next tues. and were planning on going down there one day. Hope I get to meet you as I could'nt make the Chadwick trip w/ the others. Bryce
  14. buggrd

    GM 2500HD Owners

    I had a 2003 chevy silverado ext. cab 2500hd 6.0 auto 4x4 put 43,000 miles on it never had any trouble with it what so ever. It towed my 7x21 v-nosed trailer very nice but only got 7 or 8 mpg while towing and 12 or 13 empty. It hardly ever shifted out of overdrive while towing. Except for the economy I liked the truck very much. Now as for the back seat being comfy my two teenage sons would say no as there is not any leg room. Now I have a f-350 crew-cab deisel 4x4 it has room and good economy. I love it!
  15. buggrd


    You need to go back and retake human biology man, you have mistaken a swollen nut sack for a swollen labia.