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  1. Misfitfly

    Decided to jet my 2018 question

    I am pretty sure that 155 main jet should be used with your setup. Until you change out the stock header.
  2. Misfitfly

    How about 1 for our best freinds ?

    My girlfriend. "Macey"
  3. Misfitfly

    I want a set of SM wheels for my S. Advice

    Thanks for the input. I do have a few more questions. I was looking at "themoto.store". Wondering if anyone has bought from them? Also, I noticed there is a few different options when selecting what you want. 1. Cush vs Standard Hubs. 2. Floating vs Fixed Rotors. I do not know what the difference is. If someone could enlighten me I would appreciate it. Thanks
  4. I ride off road every other weekend. I would like to get a set of SM Wheels to swap between. I did see that I can get a set of Warp 9 ready to go for $900. I've also seen that I can get Chinese brand on eBay for $700. Looking for some input and good advice. Thank you
  5. Misfitfly

    Oil Filter Debate

    Go to your local NAPA store. Part number PS7931. Should be about $7 comes with both o-rings. You're welcome.
  6. Misfitfly

    Maintenance Questions and Tips

    If you have a local NAPA store chances are they will stock the oil filter you need. it is part number FIL 7931. It is a K&N Filter in a Napa box comes with both o-rings for about $7.00. I use Mobil 1 oil. Mainly because it's readily available anywhere.
  7. New Hyde Racing skid plate. Thought I would post a couple pics for anyone interested.
  8. Misfitfly

    Hyde Racing skid plate

    Looks Great. Feels Very Tough.
  9. Don't miss the Blue Ridge 250 ride this weekend in Suches, Georgia. Www.blueridge250.org
  10. Misfitfly

    Blue Ridge 250 Adventure Ride anyone?

    The Sport tour (street) is 250 miles. The Adventure tour (dirt/gravel) is 135 miles.
  11. I am going. Curious if anyone else here will be there. www.blueridge250.org Notice there are two different routes. Adventure tour and Sport tour.
  12. Misfitfly

    Replacing handlebars

    I have a 2013 DRZ400S it came with unbranded 7/8 bars.
  13. Misfitfly

    Replacing handlebars

    Powermadd star series $18 on Amazon.
  14. Misfitfly

    Replacing handlebars

    magnesium looks gold to me.
  15. Misfitfly

    Drz question :)

    No it will not fit SM has inverted forks, S has traditional.