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  1. thebreezeexc

    OEM pipe guard fit SRT 17 up ?

    I concur. I have had my P3 guard on stock and srt. Fits both well
  2. thebreezeexc

    Judge my Piston appearance, 2017 250 XC

    Leaded race fuel can leave strange looking deposits on piston crowns. Clean it up and see if the crown is actually pitted. I bet what you are seeing is race fuel deposits.
  3. There looks to be a lead type gasket that is inside the exhaust port for the header to seat inside of. How do you remove and replace this part? I cant find any info online. I have developed a leak between the cylinder and header and I can not for the life of me get it to seal, and am thinking the gasket is the likely culprit. Thanks in advance!
  4. thebreezeexc

    Where to buy 2019 OEM Parts?

    I had the same problem last year with my 2018. Took a few months for any 2018 diagrams to come out. At the time munn racing was one of the first ones to have it.
  5. Perfect! Thanks guys!
  6. Does the stock kill switch open the circuit to ground to kill the engine, or close the circuit?
  7. I need to wire up a tether for a hill climb and I don’t have my multi meter with me. Anyone know if ktm uses a normally open or normally closed system?
  8. thebreezeexc

    Graham Jarvis riding a Thumper!?

    I’m not. I just found it interesting to see. I still prefer my 2t over my 4t
  9. https://enduro.live/graham-jarvis-rides-4-stroke-in-2018/ Looks like he is going to be riding a 250 4t at some of the hard enduros this season.. In fact he won Valleys Xtreme Enduro this past weekend. What say you thumpertalk?
  10. thebreezeexc

    Issues with VP T4

    Wisconsin. Ours comes out of Indiana I believe.
  11. thebreezeexc

    Issues with VP T4

    A shop.
  12. thebreezeexc

    Issues with VP T4

    It has a very strong odor. My whole garage smells like it when I had it in my bike. When I ran it, it made my bike really hard to start. I don’t know if it’s the nature of that fuel, or if the can I bought was stale and low on RVP.
  13. thebreezeexc

    2018 parts fiche

    Anyone know where to find the 2018 parts fiche? I can't find it anywhere. How do they have bikes out, yet nothing on ktm website??
  14. The front sprocket washer looks to have spun on my 18 300 xc-w. The paint marks from the factory on the bolt, and large washer are no longer aligned. Anyone else see this happen? Is it an issue? Are guys upgrading to the dirt tricks like they are on the thumpers?
  15. I am looking to try a Starcross 5 Medium for an upcoming hard enduro due to a recommendation from some local riders. I'm having a hard time choosing which size to run on the rear. It comes in a 110/100 x 18 and a 120/90 x 18. Terrain is very technical, and is a mix of mud and rocks. Word is this tire works really well at the race location, but I need some guidance on what size would be best suited. Thanks!