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    Anyone been to Rockport Offroad? I looked at their website and it says they have ATV/Bike areas but it looks like a big Jeep place to me. Curious for a report before driving 1.5 hours there to find it a waste of time for someone on a dirtbike. Thanks, Matt
  2. Mattktm

    Any TT'ers in the St. Louis, MO area...???

    I work at Callaway. Too bad you arn't here for the supercross Saturday. Wish I could help you out with a place to go but I live between St. Louis and the plant. There are a lot of good places to eat and if you like to gamble there is Harrah's and Station Casino in St. Charles that would be close to you. I personally like the places in the old part of St. Charles more than Laclede's Landing. If you pass the test and decide to work here there is a group of people that ride, only a couple race hare scrambles( at least I call it racing, some might not) the rest just play ride. What job are you testing for? Good luck Matt 04 450EXC
  3. Mattktm

    palmer lake trails near potosi, mo

    No, they are not legal. I have heard that there is something proposed to make some of those trails legal. Do people still ride on them? Yes. I have been down there a couple of times and there is some of the best riding in the midwest in the Mark Twain Forest, just don't get caught now since they started cracking down on people. Matt
  4. I have used it a couple of times. It seems to wear better than the S-12 but doesn't get as good a traction as the s-12 in soft to intermediate. I rode with it mainly at St. Joe and liked it, but like the s-12 better for racing.
  5. Mattktm

    JD jetting

    Dave that is exactly what I was thinking. A friend put the kit in his WR450 and didn't have a bog hardly at all. I was just commenting that the bog I had took me by surprise. The BK mod made it near perfect. Yes, I did warm it up as always prior to riding it around and rode it around for approx 5 or so minutes before trying to check the bike out with the new jetting. I had an older husky 510 that you had to do this with and so that is just the routine I continued with the KTM450. As I said in the previous post several other people with 450 exc's have had to do this mod to get the best performance from the jd kit.
  6. Mattktm

    JD jetting

    Put the JD kit in my 04 450 exc without the doing anything else and it made the bike crap. Adjusted the fuel mix screw each way, no help. Raised and lowered the needle, crapola. Finally did some research on the board and found that most everyone did either the BK mod or the updated Honda Diaphram. Decided to try the BK mod. Took the bike to St. Joe Park and WOW what a difference. Much better than stock. Took care of the major Bog that I was experiencing with the JD kit. I might fiddle with the timing and squirt time some to see if it can get any better but if it doesn't I don't care because it is magic now. I still have a very slight bog if in too high a gear and I really whack the throttle open. Overall, don't do the JD kit on a 450exc unless you plan on doing the BK Mod or Honda Diaphram kit. Matt
  7. Mattktm

    Put The TT-R250 Through The Paces Today

    I bought my wife a TTR-250 several years ago. When I take my kids out to go riding and she doesn't want to go I take her bike. To tell you the truth sometime it is more fun than my KTM 450. I know I can get throught the tight stuff much easier on hers than mine. Since the MHSC races hardly ever have any tight stuff I wouldn't think of racing it here, but sometimes when we go to IL to race I have been tempted to take hers. She would kill me though. They are a great bike!!!!
  8. Mattktm

    Any one ride here in Southeast Missouri?

    There is a place over in Illinois called Trail of Tears Lodge. It is just north of Shawnee I think. Other than that St. Joe is the only one I know.