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  1. mattv

    SSR perimeter frame?

    My main race bike is built on an SSR perimeter frame. It's CNC. It's not cast. Period. It's been jumped, dumped, cased and flipped. It's still in one piece and has the most comfortable geometry of any minibike i have. I also have some SPV frames... I imported them from taiwan. THEY would be the frames to get, but i don't know where to get any more. The two I have are staying with me.
  2. mattv

    PLZ help quick

    www.outlawpowersports.com Has -anything- you need for any SSR bike. C3, B2, anything....even some non-SSR models he can get parts for. Go here for contact information. Nate is a great guy to deal with. Tell him I sent you, and that you saw his info on ThumperTalk. He'll give you the best deal around. http://tinyurl.com/236hfv
  3. mattv

    electric moto

    that thing has ohlins suspension front & rear......unless they replace that with budget-cheaper suspension, don't expect the price to drop too much.
  4. mattv

    Question about inner rotor kits

    no additional horsepower, but the motor will spin up much faster. It's been said that the stock china stator and CDI/harness pretty much suck...replacing them with a quality ignition is a good idea.
  5. mattv

    Carb upgrade

    if your A1 is a 110cc, the 26mm carb will be too much, and honestly a 24mm carb might be pushing it.
  6. mattv

    New Blue SSR B-2 Plus

    very reliable. Parts and everything you need from Nate @ www.outlawpowersports.com
  7. mattv

    Gpx/jailing tranny in honda casings

    no, you can't. Even if you could, the jialing gears would get thrashed unless you hardened them. I have a 124se with the takegawa 3spd close ratio, it works incredibly well and i highly recommend it.
  8. some useful PDF's posted at my website http://www.mattvirus.net/husky/
  9. mattv

    110 fork options

    paxracingstore.com You can get the manitou (sp) kit and other goodies to make the kx forks incredibly awesome. Donnie @ pax is a great guy to talk to. Call him up and he'll help you out with anything and everything you need.
  10. mattv

    What idle rpm for '06 TE250?

    shhhh, no speaking of the DRZ in here It will upset the husky gods. Rev more and brake harder, that's all you need to do Mike I can't wait until spring when I can ride again. By then i'll be so out of shape that even you will be faster than me lol I haven't had problems stalling my te250 but i'm very used to riding my pitbike that has no flywheel weight so throttle control and clutch management are pretty natural and 2nd nature for me. Get an inner rotor for your little SSR bike It'll have you whipping that TE around in no time
  11. you'll love it. I bought my husky without ever riding one. A good friend of mine was/is always singing praises, i found a smokin good deal, so i snapped it up. I've never looked back or had 2nd thoughts.
  12. mattv

    110 hydrolic vs. cable clutch

    this has been gone over on planetminis.com quite a bit -- maybe do a search there. Most guys say the cable clutch is great because it's cheaper and has an excellent feel. Some also say the cable is more robust/reliable and takes crashes better. But - there are pro's and con's of both - if I were you i'd head over to pm and do some searching so you can make an informed decision
  13. mattv

    140 GPX oil leak

    my 124se did that exact same thing when I first got it. I properly torqued the top head bolts and it stopped. I'd bet one of your gaskets is out of place or perhaps you missed an o-ring on the re-install job?
  14. mattv

    140 GPX oil leak

    stupid question - but is the oil drain plug properly torqued? perhaps loosen the top bolts and check to make sure that everything looks fine on top and re-torque the bolts. Clean the motor up really well and run it for a while, you should be able to figure out where the oil is coming from if it's still leaking.