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  1. CRJohnny

    yz125, yz250 or yz250f for trails

    Only way to eat ass is with a 5 hundy
  2. CRJohnny

    Kx 125 1999

    Thank you. It seems that there is a few different models L1 L2 & L3. Can anyone let me know what the differences are.
  3. CRJohnny

    Kx 125 1999

    Hi all , I Have acquired a KX 125 99 model ( basket case) and will be doing a full restoration. If anyone can help me out with the service manual would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone has any past history on this motorcycle would also be appreciated.
  4. CRJohnny

    How much is my cr80rb 2000 worth?

    Can you post a picture? I’m curious what you call “mint”
  5. CRJohnny

    Cylinder re sleeve?

    There is really only one way ,have it replated it will last longer that a new sleeve. Have the shop supply the top end kit, this way you know it will be done correctly. Doing any cheap will cost you more.
  6. CRJohnny

    That time again

    Kick starter is at the correct position, moving it forward will hit case🤪
  7. CRJohnny

    Cylinder re sleeve?

    Resleeve or replate it pick one. We’ve covered this in another topic you stared,
  8. CRJohnny

    That time again

    All done
  9. CRJohnny

    That time again

    Out with the old and in with the new
  10. Gripper seat cover, not that I sit down much.
  11. CRJohnny

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    This 32:1
  12. CRJohnny

    Years to avoid -Cr250

    Mine too The engine is just an Angry monster. It still has the original crank
  13. CRJohnny

    2 stroke oil and ratio trail riding

    They always turn into a debate. Always get 101 different answers
  14. CRJohnny

    Bike will not start

    It’s running like crap because you Need to do a top end rebuilt, You posted a picture of your piston with a piece missing from it why would you continue trying to start it it’s a no-brainer. You’re just going to do more damage and put your arms deeper into your pockets
  15. CRJohnny

    99 ktm65sx carb replace to slow for learning

    Probably not the best bike for a learner but anyway. The bike you have is designed for high rpm you’re not going to change that. I would suggest you either teach your son how to ride it for the bike that it is or get yourself a small 50/100cc 4stroke