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  1. miller388

    Herlings Ducking AMA opportunities?

    There is nothing about Herlings that I like, however anyone thinking he couldn't come over here and be a real threat to win the outdoors isn't thinking clearly. If he isn't healed in time to make a run at the GP, I bet he comes over here for the nationals. Between him, Webb, Tomac, and Kroc it should make for a great outdoor season.
  2. miller388

    anybody weigh the stock muffler and swingarm?

    I saw in a mag review where they claimed just the muffler weighed 13 pounds. The catalytic converter inside really adds weight.
  3. miller388

    The Webb Wagon

    I agree. You can do it! Let’s resurrect this thread in about 3 months and see if Outerlimits is at 180. [emoji2]
  4. miller388

    Tomac..?? Who is that?

    The real test may not come until outdoors. If he is weak there then we can all safely say he is done. No doubt Webb and Kroc are much faster this year, especially Webb, but Tomac just doesn’t look like he did the last couple years.
  5. I hope there are some more Webb/Kroc battles going forward because I think Tomac is done. Whether it’s health, bike, or he’s just lost a step, he clearly doesn’t have the speed of the last couple seasons. I foresee Webb and Kroc progressively separating themselves from the pack.
  6. Is he riding slower or are the other riders faster this year?
  7. miller388

    The Webb Wagon

    How long is ET’s contract with Kawi? I agree with others that I don’t see him leaving CO and going to FL to train. He seems like kind of an independent guy that likes do do his own thing in CO. I think he’s also got the talent to probably win on any bike.
  8. miller388

    OEM Radiator shroud decals

    So the decals do come already on the OEM rad shrouds? I think I have purchased every OEM plastic for mine except the rad shrouds, they are still original. Those decals are expensive so that’s good to know.
  9. miller388

    Anderson Worse Than Initially Reported

    Good grief! I didn’t think the injury was all that serious. Is this something that is approaching KREX territory in terms of recovery time?
  10. miller388

    CRF450X Transmission

    I would keep looking. Even if you do the work yourself I wouldn’t pay $2700 for an 07 that I needed to go into the transmission. Just my 2 cents. I am sure others will chime in for estimated costs for this type of repair.
  11. miller388

    Lime on the track

    That mud is gone, never to be seen again! That mud is gone, never to be seen again.
  12. miller388

    The Ralph and Ricky carnival act...

    I suspect once the cameras and audio go live it’s not as easy as some suspect. This is one of the easiest jobs to pick apart.
  13. I guess two of the best of all time couldn't possibly know what they are talking about. You are definitely hardcore KTM fan.
  14. miller388


    Isn’t Assen like a waist deep sand track? I wouldn’t go either if I were him.