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  1. Mike in Fresno

    Best place to ride in the southern deserts

    from Spangler you can go to Burro Schmidt mine, Jawbone if you want to ride that far, Husky Monument, ride into the town of Randsburg, large town and hospital in Ridgecrest, Invader hill climb(has a huge rain rut in it now), Charlies Wagon Wheel, Pinnacles, and the area is open to ride wherever you want to go.
  2. Mike in Fresno

    Central Valley riders

    Taft is more of a rolling hills area, no trees, some decent hillclimbs, but true single track not much if any. The stewards I spoke of is the Stewards of the Sierra natl forest, the group works in the Madera Fresno sierras areas.
  3. Mike in Fresno

    Winter closures: The end of EF/GT/Fh as we know it

    the USFS cant "manage" it all due to staffing so the answer they came up with is to close LOTS of trails and the TMP is the process...cuz you know, trees n dirt need to be managed
  4. Mike in Fresno

    Central Valley riders

    I have not been to Taft for two years or so, but have not heard it is closed or changed. The TMP that was created by the USFS a few years ago called for much of the mountains to be closed 12-01 each year without regard for moisture conditions. We know that many years it has hardly rained by that time and the ground is perfect for us. I know that they close many gates for the dirt roads, but I have not heard that they close trails or do anything else to stop you from riding. Im not sure of current rules tho. I would contact the Stewards for latest goings on.
  5. Mike in Fresno

    Central Valley riders

    My wife, kids, family and friends ride with me. We just got back from the desert. Im getting old so not riding every weekend anymore. Next desert trip is Prez day weekend and the weekend after when Clawsons usually hosts a ride out there with raffle and dinner. We will probly go to Hollister soon and maybe Taft. Have you joined or gone riding with the Stewards of the Sierras yet? They do Bass lake area rides and trail maintenance, lots of dual sport style as well. Is your bike the off road or the DS WR?
  6. Mike in Fresno

    Lighting Set up

    I cant remember for sure, Im old now. But, from my above post it appears it would not work right.
  7. Mike in Fresno

    Power valve cover bolts wont go back in

    or you have the wrong bolts and they are just too long
  8. Mike in Fresno

    KTM 2 stroke buying advice

    AND if you get a 250, and someday want more, you can change the top end and make it a 300.
  9. Mike in Fresno

    The KTM 200 Club

    I too like my setting lower than top mark that is suggested by Langston setting. I like it to have a little "pop" to it so you can lift the front wheel to go over obstacles. Then you start to get into wheel spin tho so it is a fine line on adjustment. Once you get it right it is a dream to ride.....IF.......... you also have it jetted right.
  10. Mike in Fresno

    The KTM 200 Club

    the PV control lever discussion is also explained in my tips under the FAQ at the top of the first page of this 2st section. All the info I c here is spot on guys, you did good.
  11. Mike in Fresno

    School me on the 380EXC

    some of the best forks ever made
  12. Mike in Fresno

    ktm brembo clutch not having any pressure

    make sure the bleed fitting is clean and not plugged up with dirt. Common to push dirt into the slave by not cleaning the dirt out of the hole first.
  13. chain too tight maybe causing it??
  14. Mike in Fresno

    Need help! Ktm 125sx clutch keeps taking fluid

    if it is a brembo system you now have brake fluid in your trans oil. Stop riding it and get that out of your gear box. If its Magura then it wont hurt the trans oil.
  15. Mike in Fresno

    Carnegie Burn

    regarding the hunting-I bet they let the hunters drive utv, atv and trucks down into canyons ,etc to retrieve down elk as well. Looks like off-roading to me. Oh, yeah...they own the land and can do it if they want to. Huh, too bad it isn't the same for the OHV use of land owned by the OHV park.