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  1. Ha ha thanks for the emoticons AddictedToBling- I actually did mess with the idle a bit when I was on the trail. So did it end up fixing yours?
  2. Hmm thanks Yokomo. I read a lot from people with sort of similar symptoms and clutch kept coming up... I will check that. I change the oil every 2 rides so it should be in good shape but I'll double check it too. I've never really messed with the clutch but I'm pretty mechanically inclined and youtube can teach just about anything. If (after I make sure the cable is adjusted properly) I took it apart is there anything in particular I should look for?
  3. vpstigs

    2004 rmz250 with some odd bugs...need help

    Did you ever figure out what the problem was?
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for some ideas- I have a 2006 RMZ250- I was riding trails a couple of weeks ago and the bike stalled on me when the rpms got low. I thought maybe it was operator error, like maybe I just got bogged down and it stalled (I was climbing some hills). But then it happened a few more times and got more and more frequent- even on flat ground. Then it got to the point where it would start and idle fine, but die as soon as I put it in first gear. I managed to make it back to my truck without having to push, but now it won't start at all, even in neutral. Edit 2: I did some searching and found out there is a neutral "safety" switch that limits rpms when in neutral. Is that all it does or does it also have some function that could kill the engine? Thanks for any help- Jon Edit for more info- when I shifted into first gear while it was running there was no lurching forward as if the clutch was only partially engaging. It just died out.
  5. vpstigs

    Suzuki RMZ250 (2006)


    I have fun with it
  6. vpstigs

    Suzuki RMZ250 2006

    I have fun with it
  7. vpstigs

    Looking for chain advice

    Whoa- thanks for making it easy ktmRacer601!
  8. vpstigs

    Looking for chain advice

    Thanks for the replies and the helpful info!
  9. vpstigs

    Looking for chain advice

    Awesome- thanks for the suggestions. Is there really a big difference between o-ring and x-ring chains? Why would someone prefer one over the other? Also, as far as sprockets I saw some aluminum and some steel. I'm guessing the advantage of aluminum is it weighs less- but the steel ones last longer? Is that correct? Thanks again for any input
  10. Hey guys- I have an '06 RMZ250 and its about time to replace the rear sprocket (probably the front too) and it wouldn't hurt to put a new chain on before it gives out on me. I've done some looking around online and have found that there are a few different styles / types of chains out there. What are the pros / cons of o-ring, x-ring, roller chains? What types of riding are they most used for? Is there really much difference in performance between them? I don't race- I just like to get out on the trails and tracks once in a while... what are some good chain options for me? Any guidance / opinions would be much appreciated, Jon