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  1. fawudd

    What is high mileage on the XR650L ?

    So far it seems like 15k-18k is rebuild territory....with some noted exceptions. I hope we can generate more responses....
  2. I did search for this topic and did not find an answer. I have not seen any of these machines for sale with over 20k miles on them. I have seen a reference to the heads needing work at high mileage, but no consensus on what constitutes high mileage. I am defining high mileage as the high probability that major engine work is in the near future of the machine. So here is my attempt to help future forum searchers. Assuming that the machine has been well maintained since new, what is high mileage for the XR650L ? Q1 A) Anything over 5000 miles Anything over 10,000 miles C) Anything over 15,000 miles D) Anything over 20,000 miles E) Anything over 30,000 miles F) Anything over 50,000 miles Q2 What is the highest mileage XR650L that you know of that has had no major engine work ?
  3. fawudd

    Honda XR650L (2003)


    A legendary dual sport
  4. fawudd

    Honda XR650L 2003

    A legendary dual sport
  5. fawudd

    XR650L Gas Tank Options

    It would be great to see a comparison among the existing tanks you listed and any others. Everyone seems to love what they purchased, but I have not found a good pros vs cons for each....
  6. fawudd

    Show your PIG

    Excellent Machine ! That headlight guard is wicked ! Where can I find one ?
  7. fawudd

    Show your PIG

    Bone stock....but not for long...