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  1. Maurice, I completley disagree. I think the points gaps should be bigger between the top 3. say a 5 point gap between 1st and 2nd, then 3 more back to third. I think winning should be rewarded more than it currently is. I feel the same way about all motorsports. Reed really looked out of control on the first few laps. I don't think he was in settle for 2nd mode for the first few laps. He made Bubba look smooth until he backed it down.
  2. This track seems pretty technical, not where Alessi shines by any means. I would plan on a finish more par with what he was getting early in the season.
  3. wakeridero87

    The old Reed is back!

    Like someone else said the old read isn't back. The old reed would have said " I was trying to find a place to pass him when my brakes started to fade (or my goggles broke, or a lapper got in the way, etc etc). He seemed very bummed he couldn't stay with Bubba, but thats the way it is. Showing disappointment that he couldn't win is a bad thing, whining about it is. I don't know whether its really a change it attitude or if its Decoster's doing but he has been much better this year. Makes it much easier to pull for him. Props to Chad for acting like a defending champ should this year.
  4. wakeridero87

    Who is going to fill in for Ferry ??

    Voss, Boni and Carpenter are the 3 that jump out at me. Voss just signed with a small team, I don't see him completely giving up everything he has going on with Mastercraft and Air Force or National Guard or whoever it is supporting him for a short term gig. Boni just switched to Hart and Huntington but I can see him jumping at the opportunity to work out of a factory rig even if only for a little while. Carpenter I can see happening.
  5. Great ride for Alessi, No one thought he was going to be on the podium. Good ride for Millsaps to get to 7th, after a bad start.
  6. 1 second after lap 13. Its not looking good for Reedy.
  7. this is going to get interesting.
  8. wakeridero87

    No Neck Support??

    Another though, whenever new safety equipment comes out, it seems to be rejected at that time by the pros at first. Look at facemasks for goalies and helmets in hockey, and the Hans device in Nascar (could have save Earnhardt's life had he been wearing one). Somethings naturally caught on (hockey helmets), somethings had to be mandated (hans devices).
  9. wakeridero87

    No Neck Support??

    Railer, I wasn't saying what you said didn't make sense. Your right in some accidents it won't stop every injury. But your way of thinking doesn't sit well with me. The sheer possibility that it could save you from a broken neck in some situations seems like enough reason to wear one to me. The only thing that would stop me from wearing one is if I didn't believe it worked at all. Mine doesn't interfere with my head movements while riding at all. But I'm 6'2" and have a neck like a giraffe, any short guys wear one? Have you noticed it inhibits your natural head movements while riding.
  10. wakeridero87

    Indy track map?

    BigBore, the nosebleeds aren't a bad place to be from my experience. Down low is kinda cool because you get a feel for how fast they are, but if you are higher up you can see the whole track and can keep track of who is in what position and all.
  11. wakeridero87

    Bubba's Bell

    His gear has not been laughable this year if thats what your talking about. At least hes not in that horrendous Thor stuff Reed and RV have worn this year. The black stuff with the stripes, it makes me want to puke.
  12. wakeridero87

    No Neck Support??

    Railer you line of thinking makes no sense to me. Your right in the some crashes it makes no difference, but all it takes is one crash where it would have worked to end your career. I'm sure he has his reasons for not wearing one. I just don't have a clue what that is. Wasn't he wearing one at Houston?
  13. wakeridero87

    Reed, forget it

    The guy who fails to qualify for the night event at all could make me look absolutely silly, we all know this, doesn't change how Reed compares to Stewart. Reed got a good start at A3, and it really wasn't interesting.
  14. wakeridero87

    Stewart in or out for outdoors???

    No getting more coverage for sx and mx isn't what it is all about. Watching the best racing possible is what it is all about. Now I'm not all that unhappy with Stewart not racing the nationals, I'm kinda excited to see Alessi, RC, Grant, Short, and others battle for the win. But I don't like to see out top stars riding SX only. The outdoors is much more exciting for me to watch, I want to see the best racing possible for the nationals.