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  1. yea go ahead and change it...u ran it a year in his honor...time to go back to the norm
  2. flyracing24

    Ryno & the 05' mx title

    thats true!!!!!!
  3. flyracing24

    Tracks or Trails?

    Both but I would have to pick the track
  4. flyracing24

    Most influential thumper of all time????

    At first I was thinking that it would have to be Henry's YZF400, but after thinking about it further I decided that It would have to be the Yamaha of Troy YZ250f. That bike single handedly changed the 125 class for good. It is because of that bike that there has now been a 125 class race without a 125 in it. That cant be said for the 250s/450s.
  5. flyracing24

    OTB pants for non-midget

    there is nothing wrong with a 28" inseem...You people just need to shrink....MX is made for us short guys just take a look at RC!!!!!!!!
  6. flyracing24

    Turning your fuel off?

    Oh lord...Chris I believe you're up...
  7. flyracing24

    Mike Brown??????

    If fact I think he was the ONLY person to win a moto other than Bubba last year. Brownie is a really good outdoor rider just as Rhyno is...I think Brownie has a worse rep cuz of whats going on lately, but if you think about it Hughes got dropped from his team too. They are BOTH good riders who when given the chance will come out on top at the races. This is shaping to be an AWESOME outdoor season!!
  8. flyracing24

    10-40 or 20-50 oil?

    yea, now I'm curious about where you get this "weapon"
  9. flyracing24

    who's the man!!!

    RC is THE ONLY RIDER who has proved his worth as a champ in the 250 class outdoors!!!! So therefore RICKY CARMICHAEL IS THE MAN TO BEAT!!!!
  10. flyracing24

    Rhino a Title Contender?

    Langston, Brown, Hughes, Millsaps, Hepler,Tedesco, Hansen, Grant, Alessi....and nobody even mentioned MATT WALKER...this outta be a great outdoor season all of these riders have a chance
  11. flyracing24

    Check out my TT Graphics!!

    sweet lookin bike!!!
  12. flyracing24

    Recommendations for a newbie...

    Dude...dont get the TTR-125...you'll want more power within the day. The 230 would be good outta that group...cuz of the e-start...but If I were you I would look more towards a WR 250f or a CRF 250X
  13. flyracing24

    Favorite dirtbike magazine

    I love em all but I think that transworld and racerX are my favorites
  14. flyracing24

    were can I get banners and posters?

    go to a supercross or motocross...you get more posters there than you'll EVER know what to do with.