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  1. Atolduso

    Is my drz dead/dying?

    How much oil was required to get it to a good level?
  2. Atolduso

    Is my drz dead/dying?

    Make sure you're checking the oil properly. It's a little more involved and less fool proof than a car. And what oil?
  3. Atolduso

    RMZ450 engine in DRZ frame?

    You bumped it to the top?! Ain't nobody reading this old ish
  4. Atolduso

    FMF header differences

    Well for starters the second picture header won't fit a drz
  5. Atolduso

    Suz DRZ400 coolant overflow reservoir - is it critical??

    Even though my bike never really gets hot enough to drain any it seems, I still wouldn't ride without one. Draining coolant onto the ground is a dickhead move and you always need to be topping it up. No thanks
  6. Atolduso

    DRZ400 Power Loss

    The clutch slipping more when hot is common. It's probably past adjustment and needs new plates. If the bike is revving unless it has horrible compression that power is going somewhere! What oil are you using in it?
  7. Atolduso

    Vortex aluminum airbox

    185 in a 41mm FCR-MX Do you think being able to flow so much air and in turn allowing you to use a much larger main is a having a big impact on top end hp? Seems like it would with the extra fuel you're able to use. Do you know your afr's at WOT? Would you say your main limiting factor is the the amount the valves can move air?
  8. The BL Italia tank looks great with the more modern RMZ shrouds, too bad its so expensive. I could live with the size riding in the city.
  9. Atolduso

    Vortex aluminum airbox

    I might do it out of winter boredom for my 462, I wonder if I could get my normal drz style k&n I have laying around to work with a reducer or something. Elimate the airboat restriction that way....Idk
  10. Atolduso

    Web grind 540/539 too much cam for bbk?

    "To quickly find maximum lobe lift, measure the base circle of the cam and subtract it from the thickness across the cam lobe's highest point (see the diagram below)." 9.75mm and 10.16mm lift. Shouldn't be too hard to measure considering the large difference between stock and the web cams.
  11. Atolduso

    Looking for advice on my poorly cylinder head

    I thought the DRZ cylinders can not be overbored due to the coating?
  12. Will be doing that in the future for sure! Honestly junk in the threads is something I would have expected in a external hole like the header bolt, but in a clean environment like the head I didn't expect it to be bad. You are right it collected at the bottom. The only reason I have a full tap and die kit is because I'd had to use it maybe 5 times on my DRZ.
  13. Going forward I will just be doing gasket only and a light coat of grease to make the future repairs much easier come time to remove the gasket. The joys of buying used bikes is dealing with stuff like this. You can see the silicone under the gasket. It's like scrapping cement.
  14. Thanks, I am going to keep an eye out for it. Glad to hear about something that actually works. I think the chisel/razor method suggested works fine for just paper gaskets or just silicone, but with the silicone and paper it has proven to be absolutely impossible without damaging the case. Its hard as a rock on there, its frustrating.
  15. I'm in Canada but I will try and find this product here. I know permatex makes a gasket remover product but there are an overwhelming amount of reviews saying its underpowered and as effective as water. I have also heard laquer thinner or acetone type product can work.