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  1. MxJeWeL

    Snow yet at Duffy or Onion Lake?

    I am riding at the place that sucks the most this weekend. Loading the trailer now... hope to see some of you there. You know who you are.
  2. MxJeWeL

    Motocross of Nations

    I am here in Italy right now... sitting in the media room uploading video. I will post up my pics and vids as soon as I can. Words don't describe this weekend for me.
  3. Hey race fans, I am here in Italy. The racing was was incredible, the fans are out of this world. Congrats to Team USA. For race coverage and video you can check out these two sites. I am processing the video now. www.directmotocross.com www.mxforum.com
  4. MxJeWeL

    Best single track in BC event details

    I was a regular at McNutt up until 2003. I think I might have to drive down for this.
  5. Just curious... we were thinking about going to Duffy next weekend. Hoping you guys are getting the rain we are getting here in Kelowna. We have not been riding due to the high forest fire risk. I am all for complying to the voluntary backcountry ban. Hoping the rain changes things. I feel like I am living on a pile of matchsticks. Something tells me one day of rain won't cut it.
  6. MxJeWeL

    Princeton British Columbia riding?

    Just an FYI.. they are asking people to stay out of the country due to the tinder dry conditions. Kelowna is getting heavy rain right now so maybe things will change.
  7. Nickelplate Enduro Event info http://www.worldendurocanada.com/nationalevents_enduro_britishcolumbia.htm Event poster http://www.sodbc.ca/nickelplate.html
  8. MxJeWeL

    Nickel Plate Canadian Enduro

    I crashed just watching the extreme test. Nice work guys! Thanks again Bern... I was put in contact with the right person and I will be set up at the site. See you guys there.
  9. MxJeWeL

    Nickel Plate Canadian Enduro

    Thanks Bern, I will call Mike this morning.
  10. MxJeWeL

    Nickel Plate Canadian Enduro

    I am probably too late but... anyone know if there are vending sites available at the site? Who would the contact be? Do you guys still need help on race weekend?
  11. MxJeWeL

    Bacterial infection at Duffy Lake??

    The hornets are bad too. Nests everywhere. I got bit 27 times that hubby could count. There was easily another 10-15 bites on my scalp just below the helmet line. Nothing like nailing your brakes and doing a crazy person dance in the middle of a trail.
  12. MxJeWeL

    Do you use one finger or two on your clutch lever?

    One on the clutch, two on brake.
  13. Sales are ok, just trying to get it out there so I can help support Women's MX. I figure if I can at least sustain business and market it during this "recession" eventually things will be good. That is Jolene Van Vugt (Nitro Circus) in front of my booth. I am going to Edmonton this weekend, Manitoba the following weekend. Part of the travelling circus that is the Canadian MX National series. It has been a great experience so far and I have met some amazing people along the way. I have not rode in two weeks.. I will try to fit in some riding in Edmonton.
  14. Public facebook link. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=121756&id=541752505&l=7072ff99a1