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  1. Hi guys, I much prefer the mounting of the tank on the S model. I have an Aussie E model, and want to purchase a tank to mount like the S does, as i find removing the tank on the trail side a royal pain on the E model, with the radiator guards and tank sharing the same thread. Thanks for any advice.
  2. The DRZ never overheats even on the highway. the cause of your problem is elsewhere, the motor is perfectly capable of sitting on 80MPH all day. I'd say its the oil quality or interval.
  3. vash

    Seat Concepts Really Delivers!!!

    i was going to buy seat concepts then i found a corbin for the same price
  4. pipe alone isnt going to give you much power. Put on a quieter exhaust, and then an FCR39, and a big bore, that will give you more power than just the MRD.
  5. vash

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    check the plugs from the stator & regulator. they get corroded over time. check voltage directly from stator plug too to ensure the stator is working, then you can eliminate that, or the regulator, or the plug, or the battery
  6. vash

    Max Weight

    Agreed... suspension sucks. Im looking at putting on drz400 suspension with stiffer springs.
  7. vash

    Cant decide, DR650 or DRZ400 again :)

    Ah yes i know this well from other conversions ive done. Thats why im planning to put DRZ400 conventional forks on which are still soft & cushy like the DR650 ones, but giving alot more travel and ground clearance, and to match the extra height of the ohlins shock.
  8. vash

    Cant decide, DR650 or DRZ400 again :)

    i decided to go for a DR650. Found a 1996 model for $1500 AUD. About 20,000 miles on it. got a DRZ400 ohlins shock for cheap as well, that will be modified to fit. then i just need to figure out the forks.
  9. vash

    Why doesn't the DRZ have a 6th gear?

    Just adding a 6th gear wont do it. This transmission is a narrow ratio 5 speed, at the same ratio, adding a 6th wont make muich difference. the whole spread of the 5 gears needs to be changed, and if adding a 6th, all the gear ratios would need to be changed to make it effective.
  10. Its a bone stock E model with fcr39 carb. i wanted the quietest possible exhaust, so i got a S model exhaust for free, and it just makes daily riding that much more pleasant, in my opinion.
  11. i went from the MRD to the stock exhaust. the power loss wasnt that bad. the noise reduction was worth it
  12. vash

    Safari Tank users - 17 or 28?

    I've got a 28L on mine for the long trips and its nice to have it as an option if you're into adventure riding. they really aren't that noticable on the bike, unless you've been riding with the stock tank forever. As a daily tank though, the 17 is a better allrounder
  13. Hi all, What can be done to the forks to make them match the rear? Besides buying ohlins forks, which are very exxy... Would KTM EXC legs fit on? I want smooth and comfortable instead of hard & harsh, and can still handle jumps. I've always loved KTM enduro suspension, smooth & comfortable while also taking the big hits, but not sure what bolts up to the DRZ with minimal fuss. Or can the OEM legs be made to work good? Cheers.
  14. Steve, your first requirement is DRZ400 written all over. The DRZ is a torquer, the WRR is a revver. DRZ has a 28L tank available for a 650KM range. Both are low maintenance. Both are around 130kg.
  15. Stevered, 140kmh all day eh With mine i struggled to get it to hit 100KMH up slight inclines on the freeway, it would have to be pinned to the stop and revving the tits off to sit on 140 all day. the engine would do it but it isnt comfy. On the plus side its the least vibrational single i've ridden so far, it feels very nice in single track and comfy and cushy on firetrails. But i couldnt have fun on it even when i was working the gears and revving it, it just had no pull out of corners. Its a good bike if you dont mind just plodding along and not racing around and having fun. the DRZ is better for that i reckon.