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  1. kxfchris

    Oil shooting out crankcase breather tube kx250f

    I have a feeling it us the cylinder base gasket cus I saw oil around the back of it idk if that could be a possibility or maybe head gasket?
  2. kxfchris

    Oil shooting out crankcase breather tube kx250f

    I can't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure I put it in right
  3. Need help just put a new top and bottom end in my bike and was running good broke it in and then just after ran into some problems as I was riding it for like 15 mins and then oil just started puking out the crankcase breather hose and the bike just started popping really bad and bogging a bit if that is a related problem
  4. i did get a new exhaust gasket but didn't bother to replace it lol........
  5. Anyone recommend the klotz 113 octane?
  6. Yea I found one but it's an hour away I'm going to ask the shop if they know anywhere closer that sells it
  7. Ok thanks, I'm going to a shop near by today to get some input and see what they recommend as far as what kind would be best
  8. Just curious instead of running race gas would it be possible to run octane booster
  9. Well idk if it's running well I haven't actually ridden it hard took it for a quick ride up and down the street, it just seems to get too hot really fast which scares me a little, also if I take my radiator cap off and rev it and coolant shoots up a bit would that be bad head gasket or just mean the water pump is working?
  10. Yea I'm new to 4 strokes and wanted to learn so did a whole new motor and completely skipped the ring gap.....anyway when I was riding it I accelerated a little bit and it pops a lot on decel so definately too lean, not sure if I want to up the pilot and the main or just one of the two, also I think I have figured out why the oil is foamy, found out that one of my oil seals is leaking so that may be a cause
  11. Stock jetting I'm pretty sure, yoshimura rs-4 full system, and I didn't set the ring end gap didn't really think that mattered.......
  12. Just took it for a quick ride still got kinda hot but didn't get extremely hot from before, but it was making a bit of a whining noise I'm not sure if that is the new cams or crank bearings breaking in or something but the whine got louder when rpms went up, is this normal????????? Obviously I didn't rev it up high cus it's not broken in yet to see if it went away but as far as low rpms go.....
  13. Ok so I drained a little bit of the oil to see if it was milky at all, it was really foamy and had a lot of little bubbles in it if that isn't a good thing
  14. Actually tbh I don't know what fuel I'm running thanks for bringing it up I just bought the bike and rebuilt it and it had a full tank so I never drained the fuel and replaced so I will start there
  15. I didn't bleed the cooling system but it seemed to be flowing since the radiator was getting hot as well and there was a bit starting to come out the over flow tube which dripped on the pipe and proceeded to smoke but not out of exhaust, I am running conventional oil currently so I'm just gonna drain it and check to make sure it's not milky at all, radiator is completely full too so it doesn't seem to be losing a lot of coolant if not any