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  1. motox331

    YZ250F DRINKING coolant... Help??!!!

    Spark plug looks fine and somewhat healthy maybe a tad rich but id say its fine.
  2. motox331

    YZ250F DRINKING coolant... Help??!!!

    Lets be honest these cooling systems are super simple. You are either losing coolant out the overflow due to an bad cap, losing coolant due to a bad head gasket, losing coolant due to a bad water pump seal or losing coolant due to an external leak (hose, radiator etc.). Unless there is a poorly cast coolant passage or something internal those are the main things I would be looking at.
  3. motox331

    2019 YZ250F Fouling Spark Plug/Won’t start

    check your TPS as well as your fuel mapping. The bike shouldn't be running that rich.
  4. motox331

    YZ250F DRINKING coolant... Help??!!!

    head gasket, or bad cap? Is there oil in your coolant or coolant in your oil?
  5. I have a 2017 Summit 850 and I am very mechanically inclined. Feel free to PM me with more info if you think I'd be a good fit.
  6. I Dropped a tooth on my rear on my 15 yz 250f and love it. Im 190 geared up so it helps me in the tight stuff. I also run the DRD exhaust and the low end maps.
  7. motox331

    Looking for people to ride with! IL, WI, MI

    I have been riding up at rocky glen OHV in Rockford with a few other guys from the site. Has some decent trails and tracks. Next time we head up there I can shoot you a PM!
  8. motox331

    Aluminum throttle tube

    I think that's to be expected.
  9. motox331

    South Eastern Wisconsin

    Thanks for the info!
  10. motox331

    South Eastern Wisconsin

    Im 2 hours away from you
  11. motox331

    Brake Cleaner safe to Clean Carb?

    I use brake clean for everything lol
  12. motox331

    Neck brace for a 9YO?

    Go with the atlas brace for him. By far the most comfortable and most safe feeling brace that I have ever worn.
  13. motox331

    South Eastern Wisconsin

    Hey everyone! I was curious if anyone has any tracks or know of any places to ride in south eastern Wisconsin. My parents have a lake house on Whitewater lake so I'm up there frequently. I would love to places to ride and people to ride with! I rode at Aztalan but broke my ankle there so I have no plans on going back there anytime soon. Let me know if you know any places or looking for riding buddies!
  14. motox331

    yz250fx upgrades

    I agree ditch the fork bleeders. They cause more harm than good. Also for an exhaust with a spark arrestor I would look at DRD. Great exhaust for the money!
  15. motox331

    Metal shavings

    Like others have said, just keep an eye on it. im sure its nothing lol. I see you are form Iowa, where do you ride at out there? My fiancés family all lives in west des moines and I always want to take my bike out there but don't know anyone or anyplace to ride.