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  1. If possible have someone take some video of you ridding in different conditions. It is very humbling but very helpful
  2. EZGZ

    fork boots

    yes, seal savors work and I agree they look mucho better
  3. EZGZ

    fork boots

    Fork boots are especialy good on the street IMHO. Take a fast ride in the summer when the bugs are out. Those little buggers dry up all over you and the front of your ride. You know how hard it is to get them off your goggles or windsheild. Just imagine that rubbing up and down on your fork seals in the same place. I don't like replacing seals........
  4. EZGZ

    New Suzuki 90 ATV, just bought one:

    Thanks for posting this, I'm looking for something for my grandkids.
  5. EZGZ

    00' S won't run, walked 4 mi. in the desert

    Not a put down in any way. But if your going to be ridding alone out in the desert you really should learn how to work on your bike. The carb is not rocket science and there is plenty of help and info hear. The service manual has great pictures and detail. One time I was ridding in the desert alone. It was a 95 degree day so I got an early start. I was in the middle of nowhere when the bike just died on me. There wasn't shade for hundereds of yards and it was a ruff single track. No cell phone range. I tried to stay calm and figured I would pull the tank and check the plug. In the process I found a loose electrical connector. I plugged it back in and it started right up. I was lucky I guess. But the point is you just have to have enough confidence to check for the basics. Fuel pouring out of the air box is pretty obvious. I think I would have checked the floatbowl. Glad you found the problem. Happy trails.
  6. EZGZ

    DRZ E VS DL1000 V-Strom

    hehehe As usual when it comes to wrenching your on the inside track. These trucks are sooooooooo Fun and when your haulin a dirt bike you double that. Only gripe i have is that it is such a nice interior I hate to use seat covers and am always worried if my clothes have dirt or grease on them. Enjoy it to the max Eddy
  7. EZGZ

    DRZ E VS DL1000 V-Strom

    Thanks for remembering me !!! I wondered if you guys were still around? I am doing real good and at least I managed to keep my job but this moving around is ruff when you have as many toys as I do. When I heard they were going to quite making the Lightning trucks I went down and traded my Black 99 for a new Charcoal 04 Lightning and am really happy with it. They made a lot of changes from 99 to 04 and I think they were all improvements. The 01's were a great year to but you want to keep an eye on those spark plugs. If you start changing pulley's to up the boost they blow the plugs right out of the heads. For some reason Ford only put 4 threads in those heads. They added more in 03 I believe. Seems that a lot come loose on stock engines around 40k miles. I did two major trips in the 04 this year pulling a 5,000lb toy hauler to the dunes in California and then up to Idaho taking the Strom in a second trailer behind that (Ball to Ball) I took it easy and got 10 MPG. It is so easy to spin those tires even with the trailer on. I feel pretty spoiled having the new Lightning and a new V-Strom.
  8. EZGZ

    DRZ E VS DL1000 V-Strom

    Hi gang, been a while since I stopped by. My 2k 400e was street legal and I moved back to the Denver side of the hill. Everything dirt that was close by was over ridden or shut down and I found myself ridding more on the street and thinking about Super Motto. My valves were sinking fast and the seat sucked but the fun factor was there so I traded off the 400E for SV650S. Boy what a blast, but my 53 year old body couldn't seem to adapt to the ridding position for long periods. I did the Heli bars to raise the grip and that helped a lot. The seat was better but still sucked and I found myself driving by some dirt roads that I new had some great fishing spots. So after 9 months of a crotch rocket I ounce again decided to make a change. Of course Suzuki was my first consideration and I finaly found a DL650 to test ride and fell in love. You think the 400's are pigs you should try one of these things on single track. "NOT". I had really come to like the smooth power of the V-twin crotch rocket and ounce you got the DL650 moving it felt light and nimble. So, I decided to make an offer. Big mistake, changing your mind on a new bike after 9 months. Bend over and grab your ankles........ Then I got the idea I might want to try the DL1000 V-Strom just for comparison. It was a bit heavier but the power was unreal so I took the plunge and figured at least I could hit a few dirt roads and fire trails. Anyhow, I am wishing I had just kept the DRZ400 for traily stuff and I would definitley buy the DL 1000 for all day ridding. It is unreal to be hiting speeds above 100 and then next thing be going down a washboard dirt road off in the trees. Kinda makes my head spin just thinking about it. I really struggled over what to do and I remember how ridding the DRZ on anything but 2 lane back roads got real tireing and even with the gel seat it was bad. It was always a blast to scream threw the twistie mountain roads. It was just boring on the way there. The STROM is a real heavy pig but the fuel injection and comfy seat is really nice. If you know the trail I spose you could do some light single track but I wouldn't be trying wheelies and mudd would be another NO No. A Dual Sport definatley sacrifices the best qualites of a dirt bike and a street bike but I guess the older I get the less it matters. I just like to throw my fishing stuff in a tank bag and head out in the morning without a plan or destination and see what happens. I miss you dirt bags though. The Strom forum is a lot less active and interesting. God Bless Have a safe Ride EZGZ
  9. EZGZ

    Shim Replacement Procedural Question

    I will copy and paste an old write up I did from my first shot. Feel free to add it to your info until you can get a manual. Lets say you checked your valve clearance and the right intake valve is .004 (low limit) Here is the drill- Remove your carburetor so you can get the oil breather box out of the way. Remove the little bolt out of the end of the chain tensioner. Use small flathead screwdriver and insert into the hole exposed in the tensioner, turn clockwise until it stops. You will feel a little spring tension, that’s good. When it stops just tighten a little more until it holds without backing out on its own. Remove the two Allen bolts holding the cam chain tensioner and remove from engine. Now remove the two Allen bolts that hold the upper cam chain guard in place. In a cross pattern remove the remaining 3 Allen bolts that hold the upper cam bearing cover. Remove cam bearing cover being careful that the guide dowels don’t come out and fall in engine. (Mine stayed in the head) You already had your engine at TDC from the valve clearance inspection. Note the location of numbers and arrows on the side of the cam gear. Now gently lift the camshaft upward and forward enough where you can get a magnet on the top of the valve spring bucket and lift it off and out of the head area. Set the camshaft back in place so nothing moves around. The actual valve shim is about the size of a pencil eraser and may be stuck in the valve bucket or still on top of the valve (mine stayed in the bucket). Inspect the shim for a number (mine said 285) I took the shim, along with my shop manual and micrometer to the Suzuki dealer and asked for help to get the right shim to get it back in spec. The shim assortments come in multiples of 5 examples: 275,280, 285 and so on. Each shim is the equivalent of .002 inch. I wanted to get back up to the outside intake spec, which was .008 so that came out to be the #275 shim. The mechanic was nice enough to just trade shims. So now you set the replacement shim on top of the valve with the numbers facing up. While holding the camshaft up and forward with one hand place the bucket over the valve spring and lower it in place. Now set your camshaft back in place without forcing anything. Replace the bearing cap and finger tighten the 3 screws. I left the 4 Th one holding the cam chain guard off on purpose to check the cam timing. The arrows on the camshaft gears should be just like when you started. Starting with the pin that the top arrow is pointing to, count the cam chain pins to the other camshaft gear until you get to 15, it has to exactly line up with the arrow on that other camshaft gear. If all looks good replace the upper camshaft guard and install the cam chain tensioner. Check the cam tesioner closely. Run the screw in and out so you can feel the tension and look for the chance that the tension spring is broke or not. (Mine was good) Use the screw to lock the spring in the retracted position and replace the tensioner. (My gasket was ok to reuse) Release the cam chain screw and put the bolt back in the end. Rotate the engine two full 360-degree rotations to squeeze out any oil from the bucket and shim and recheck your clearance in the normal manor using a feeler gauge. My new right rear intake valve clearance went from .004 to .008 Magic! Now put all the rest of the crap back together and if it starts up and runs without rattling your teeth. Celebrate in the appropriate manor. Virtual Round of beers for all who actually read this post this far. I guess it goes without saying that I changed a shim on the right exhaust using the same procedure but I thought it would be less complicated to splain one at a time Lucy! My exhaust was .009 and the shim # 315. I replaced it with a #310 which gave me .011 inch. The left valves were .011 exhaust and .007 intake. Milage is about 2,500 and I use 100% Amsoil motorcyle synthetic 20-50. Greg
  10. EZGZ

    need help picking a ride

    Just for giggles throw a leg over a DR650E It is old tech Suzuki No water or pumps Lower power dual sport Yeah, I know most will say it is a heavy pig. But like the XR and KLR it is a simple proven trouble free desing. The kids my need 12 inches of travel but even a stock DRZ isn't made for much air time. What you are told you need and what you really need are two different things. Oh and did I mention the seat is comfortable and dosen't feel like your sitting on a peace of dental floss?
  11. EZGZ

    Colorado rider and TT acknowledgment

    Welcome to Colorado. Rampart Range is a well known spot and way over used. If you like whoops and standing up all the time you will be in heaven. You need to get up there just to check it out. I little to much snow right now but as soon as you can I would go. This time of year you should go down to PMI and visit Prarriedog. It is in the colorado bannana belt and might be dry soon. Just going up in the hills and cruising some dirt roads will be fun since you are a newcomer to the state. It is very nice any time of year. Check out your local bike shops and they will tell you where to ride close by. Enjoy!
  12. EZGZ

    I know some of you had DR350s

    The DRZ seat is like concrete and then there is always the worry about your radiator. The DRZ is technicaly a better machine but there is something to be said for simplicity. I wish I could find a nice low mile 98 DR
  13. EZGZ

    What wildlife have you seen on the trail???

    It is hard to look around for game when ride in the rock pile rocky mountains but when you do brave the cold and get ridding early there are all sorts of game out there checking you out. Around here the trick is to keep moving. They don't seem to get spooked as bad untill you stop. A stock muffler helps out a lot for watching game. Durring deer hunting season I still ride. It is funny to see the deer circling the frustrated hunters. Something about the smell of gun oil must scare them off.
  14. I don't what all that had to do with upside down forks but I for one like them just the way they are.
  15. EZGZ

    03 DRZ400S smokes 02 XR650R!!!

    Did your comparison include seat comfort? Those big Honda seats rule!