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  1. turtlemoto

    JT Sprockets Steel Rear Sprocket

    good price nice looking sprocket nothing fancy
  2. turtlemoto

    JT Sprockets Steel Front Sprocket

    nice piece and a good price
  3. turtlemoto

    DID X-Ring VT2 chain

    smooth chain hasn't required much adjustment since install
  4. turtlemoto

    Moose Racing Pro Footpegs

    Pegs are wider than the factory ones have more grip to them the only thing i would have done differently is go with the set back pegs
  5. turtlemoto

    Seat Concepts Seat

    Much nicer than the stock seat wider and comfier and the griper top is also a nice feature
  6. turtlemoto

    Clarke Mfg 4 Gal. Gas Tank

    Good tank gave me the range i was looking for haven't noticed any difference in the way the bike rides with the extra weight
  7. turtlemoto

    UFO Plastics Front Fender

    Looks good no complaints
  8. turtlemoto

    Acerbis Supermoto Handguards

    Looks good keeps the hands a little warmer on cold days and adds a little protection
  9. turtlemoto

    MSR Steel Shift Lever

    Got the +1 shifter now my foot doesn't get caught anymore
  10. turtlemoto

    Moose Racing Racing Case Saver Guards

    Looks good little more piece of mind
  11. turtlemoto

    GPI Racing Silicone Radiator Hose Kit - Red

    Looks good put heat sleeving on lower next to exhaust
  12. turtlemoto

    Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Tire

    Good tires so far so good
  13. turtlemoto

    Trail Tech Striker Digital Gauge

    Had nothing before. Good system works well
  14. turtlemoto

    Race Tech Shock Springs

    No comparison 6.6kg spring
  15. turtlemoto

    Race Tech Fork Springs

    Front springs .55kg what a difference