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  1. mxsteve1968

    Gen 3 Part Swap Thread

    cylinder sold. Decided to keep the rest.
  2. mxsteve1968


    Good deal.. I asked about the mc360 a while back with no reply... Going to try one.
  3. mxsteve1968

    What is the best 250f for woods?

    Or maybe one like this one?
  4. mxsteve1968

    How much fuel do you go through?

    Well lets see...…. 1-20 min. race or 3-5 laps (non pro) = 1-1.5 gal. X 3.8 L.= 5.7 L. x 2 race + 4-6 lap practice + a little extra just for sh%ts & giggles... maybe just mix 5 gal and go. Anybody know what 3.8x5 is? Oh and don't forget, Its 32-1 ratio = 4oz. maxima formula k2 per gal. Or aprox 1oz. per L...…... sheeew. 👨‍🏫
  5. mxsteve1968

    2003 Honda CR250 Clutch Issue and Ignition Issue

    The cable is routed wrong and that (nut on the end case end) does not belong. the rubber o-ring slides down it the case. The cable is routed wrong and that (nut on the end case end) does not belong. the rubber o-ring slides down it the case.
  6. mxsteve1968

    Duct Tape Shootout!

    I bet this thread would kick off much better in a cereal killer forum.
  7. mxsteve1968

    My First Race on Sunday!

    Adrenaline will cause you to grip the bars too tight as well (arm pump city) relax, and relax some more. Then stay relaxed and you will finish. Good luck
  8. mxsteve1968

    04 RM250

    He don't want to sell any parts..... try bikeboneyard.com 406-240-5749 they show to have some rm250's good luck
  9. mxsteve1968

    CR125 fouling plugs, JD jet kit didnt fix it

    oil and coolant seals... if you have 2 seals.... inner lip toward oil....second seal is inner lip toward coolant... the coolant seal is usually the wider of the two. Don't give up you will figure it out. good luck.
  10. mxsteve1968

    04 RM250

    No worries... In a day or two. Welcome to TT. Your post will probably br moved to the Suzuki 2 stroke forum
  11. mxsteve1968

    CR125 fouling plugs, JD jet kit didnt fix it

    Have you done a compression and a leak down test? Jetting is useless if you have an air leak or a worn top end, both will fowl plugs. also may be getting premix in and back out of your trans due to a bad center case gasket.
  12. mxsteve1968

    04 RM250

    I have a friend that has a few rm's in his back yard. I know for sure one of them is an 08 and an 03. I'll ask about a swingarm for you.
  13. No doubt...…. tracks were a lot more fun in my younger days. Hard enduro and technical trail riding is taxing on a 50+ rider..... especially when your on a 02 cr250.
  14. I've heard of cross creek but never been there. What part of texas you in? Our local track is Waco eagles 12 mi. from my house. last year I built a 5 mile trail system around Waco eagles. I ride there a lot, CTOR in salado and hidden falls. I have several friends that I ride with. your welcome to join us. Sounds like you wont have any problem getting back into the sport, but I would for sure work my way up to the gnarly jumps. Do you have a bike now or are you looking?
  15. 80 footer is serious business. I almost died back in 02 on a 50 footer at twin bridges trails in Waco tx. All the trails were two way. Anyway, I was hitting this jump over and over with a buddy making sure the coast was clear from the other way. The last time I ever hit that jump, A kid was headed my way while I was 15ft in the air. As soon as I landed I collided with him. Broke 3 ribs, punctured lung in 2 places and broke my right humerus. I quit riding for 6 years then got back in the saddle. It took a while to nut up and start hitting big jumps again, this led to a front heavy landing, and over the bars I went breaking my collar bone. The moral of the story is...…. you gonna hit that jump then nut up and accept the fact that a ride in an ambulance is quite possibly in your future. I'm 51, trails only rider now.