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  1. XR4DEZ

    5 foot 6 on a 250SX?

    I tell myself, all you have to do is be able to reach the pegs.
  2. XR4DEZ

    Clutch life expectancy?

    Don't use my clutch very much and have 7K miles on the bike.
  3. There is a fellow named Arie Toet in the area who is good, fair and able to rebuild your bike. Toet Cycle, 1997 Friendship dr. #C, El Cajon, Ca, 92020
  4. XR4DEZ

    Leak behind front sprocket

    I thought that was the automatic chain oiler.
  5. XR4DEZ

    Ktm 2 stroke with lights

    Call Diego at Baja Designs, he set me up with my 300 lights-cost was minimal and the light is fine. He made the light from my old xr650 work on the 300.
  6. XR4DEZ

    Seized Again

    Cool JM, let's go to the acorn track.
  7. XR4DEZ

    Seized Again

    Sorry JM, I remember reading in Dirt Rider that they seized their test bike with WOT riding on a couple of occasions. Damn glad I'm slow now.
  8. XR4DEZ

    Crack in pipe, repair possible?

    Yep weld it and when you need a new one the Fatty is a good pipe, boosts mid and top end rev but doesn't hurt the bottom end performance.
  9. XR4DEZ

    Orange skid plates ?

    Painted or anodized it'll look worse than my black rims in no time, sure will look nice when its new though.
  10. XR4DEZ

    Dicks racing carb mod?

    All the Dicked out carbs I've seen on the 300 leak fuel from the dial a jet feature.
  11. XR4DEZ

    Lowering 2011 250XC?

    Synergy X bushing Where do I find a supplier and more info? thanx
  12. XR4DEZ

    how much to rebuild

    Top end, rod, bearings and master gasket kit is 700 bux.
  13. XR4DEZ

    how many hours before top end rebuild?

    Bike is laid up for a week, I'll have to ride my wife's KLX.
  14. XR4DEZ

    how many hours before top end rebuild?

    I don't have much free time these days except weekends and that's for riding.
  15. XR4DEZ

    how many hours before top end rebuild?

    Rub some dirt on it and get well soon. Taking my bike in to Kevin tomorrow for a top end, not going to push it any more.