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  1. Onthebrink18

    Has anybody tried these headsets?

    Yeah I like them. They work well for my son and I. I haven't listened to music with them. The battery lasts long enough for at least one day of riding. I actually haven't had a battery die while using it.
  2. Onthebrink18

    Has anybody tried these headsets?

    I have some that are similar to these, the v4 version. The sound quality is surprisingly good and is plenty loud. I believe that those will only be able to have 2 people talk at a time (you have to switch channels to talk to someone else). If you want 4 people to be able to talk at one time you would want to get the v4 or 4 person version. They are a little tricky to setup, but there are videos on YouTube.
  3. Onthebrink18

    92 cr125

    Well good luck with the project. If you want to get rid of the droopy rear fender (that was my reason too) this is a good link http://members.home.nl/klepstoter/verbouwing.htm . It is a CR500, but they have the same back end as yours. I ordered the CR plastic rather than the CRF plastic and it didn't fit as well as the link made it look.
  4. Onthebrink18

    92 cr125

    They wont fit directly, but with some work you can fit newer plastic to your 92. The front fenders are the easiest to update and will bolt right on from newer CR's. The number plate might need trimming on the back but is pretty easy. The radiator shrouds from a 96 wont fit a 92. You will need the 96 gas tank. It fits pretty close but needs a bracket for mounting (the bolts are about an inch lower). The rear fenders and side panels need ALOT of work to fit, but can be done. Here's a picture of my 1990 CR250, it had the same plastic as your 92.
  5. Onthebrink18

    Steel Framed cr250 updated plastics?

    I've seen the rear fenders and side panels done for Cr500's. This website has a great walk through. http://members.home.nl/klepstoter/verbouwing.htm I've also done it to my 1990 CR250 and used CR plastics rather than the CRF. It took more work because I had to heat form the fender to fit the subframe, but it turned out OK.
  6. Onthebrink18

    What is your bike lending policy?

    I now only let people who ride dirt bikes ride my bike. My brother in law who rode a 400ex atv for a few year decided he might want to convert to a dirt bike and asked to ride my CR250. I let him as he had finally seen the glory that is dirt bikes. He couldn't figure out how to get it rolling and kept stalling (should have been a red flag). After about a dozen times of killing it just trying to get moving I yelled "GIVE IT GAS YOU P****Y". Well he did. He looped it spectacularly. I've never seen a dirt bike get that much air just from launching. It ended up breaking my rear fender, side panel, bending my subframe and handlebars. He paid for the handlebars. At least now he has a newer YZ250 that I can ride.
  7. Onthebrink18

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    My 1990 CR250. Before After
  8. Onthebrink18

    Honda CR250R (1990)


    Great bike for it's age.
  9. Onthebrink18

    Honda CR250R 1990

    Great bike for it's age.