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  1. as said on utube great video
  2. raulico

    how much oil goes in inner cartrige ?

    193ml on cartridge and 320ml outer tube, 2011 owner manual says ciao
  3. raulico

    Service Manual for RMX450

    :-( you could solve many problems to us.....thanks the same
  4. you NEED a shaft (racetech do it in various sizes) for the vise, and i've heard that jbi is using a method to take apart the rod seal without drilling the little "stop-holes". I had some problems using a not correct tool to a 12,5mm piston rod of the inner cartridge, i scratched the kashima coating close to the nut...i hope i will not use that part of piston rod, because the seal is more than 10mm inside ics seal, so i suppose i will not use that leak of kashima coating scratch part...i used sand paper to fix a little. i did a fork service with sucks tools, it was a nightmare....now i have the correct ones for my forks, and it's amazing how simple is... have fun with Forks...
  5. raulico

    shock interchangeability

    don't waste your money... buy a new couple of China radiators (79-85$ pair)... i bought for a 2005 rmz and now for rmx 2010 that are the same of a rmz 2010.... Ebay sell these, and they are PERFECT!!!!!
  6. raulico

    Rekluse exp 2 modification not working

    notice according to the part numbers from Suzuki the original has two types of friction disks and two types of drive disks.... i noticed too, but with a rmz...so i did a deep check, weight was the same, size too....i didn't understand why different part number
  7. raulico

    Is your RMX hard to start?

    starting cold, and in sweden.... do you mean at -20°C???? ;-) as HM said, valves and cam chain could need a check... ciao
  8. raulico

    2012 rmx450z!!

    i have rmx and rmz, and i can say wieght seems to be the same, maybe i can't fell the differences....
  9. raulico

    Factory Service Manual

    Ciao Jean-Patrik, I live in Sicily, Palermo....if you will arrange a trip here i can show you many places or we can organize a trip over our mountains with a lot of interesting things ;-) good luck for your rehab. Raoul
  10. raulico

    Factory Service Manual

    Yes Jean-Patrick, i did too and at least with insurance and many more weight i arrived at 20€....but 45$ he is trying to take more money... thanks Raoul
  11. raulico

    Help With Top End Rebuild

    if you change valve you have to do the seats...like chain and sproket, or cam chain and cam sproket (well at least you have to set the clearence after few hours). I did on a rmz 450 after 200h of good maintanence, but 250 and 450 are different on use and rpm use. I saw valve seats in "berillio".....very interesting, but high price.
  12. raulico

    Factory Service Manual

    Thanks HM, but 45$ of shipping costs are "amazing"....here on workshop i can have it for 70€ (same price but new), at least i will use the rmz manual i have received with a previous bike. but if you find something more i will aprreciate...many thanks Raoul
  13. raulico

    Factory Service Manual

    i tried to send an email for Italy shipping, but i received no reply. Is there anyone who can sell it?
  14. raulico

    strange seller

    i found this link http://www.roslainisport.asia/home.php prices are tooooo much low, it seems impossible.... and for UncleRoby, try this www.importcross.net bye
  15. raulico

    2011 rmx450z?

    yes Roby, it's a rmx not a customized rmz.