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  1. mdubahya

    LaDee Flats in Estacada open?

    Drove by a few weeks ago, and it was closed to OHV, does anyone know if it's reopened yet?
  2. mdubahya

    Aug 18 - Nestucca open?

    I know TSF reopened on 8/1 - does anyone know if Nestucca is open?
  3. mdubahya

    New to Portland - where to ride?

    Fellas - I'll chip in as a "New to Portlander" as well! Counting myself, looks like there are three new arrivals with dirt on their minds- (Matt, Taylor and me). I moved from UT last fall. I have only been riding dirt bikes for about 4 years, but rode mountain bikes forever. We rode lots of singletrack in UT, and I've been poking around Jordan Creek (TSF), Binns Flat (Hood) and La Dee Flats (Closest - just outside Estacada), mostly with my kids, so not getting on a lot of singletrack - I've got the itch. Would be great to get a crew together for a ride and a few beers. I ride a Beta 300 XTrainer, I live in West Linn, down near Oregon City - what part of the city do you guys live in? Matt W
  4. mdubahya

    Singletrack in La Grande area

    Great - thanks!
  5. mdubahya

    Singletrack in La Grande area

    Howdy! My 14yo son and I are driving from Utah to Portland, and are looking for a spot roughly halfway, or slightly more than half way that has a cool spot to camp with some fun singletrack nearby. We were eyeing up the La Grande area, wondering about Breshears or Mt. Emily. My son is a capable rider, but not ready for over the top hard, or super long sections of challenges - gets bored on double track roads (thankfully, cuz I do too!!). Does anyone know of a cool spot where we could stop off for a day and get a nice ride in?
  6. Hi! I'm heading to the Glenwood Springs area next week M-F, and am bringing my high clearance camper with my bike. Is there any decent singletrack that has camping around the trail heads in the area? I promise I'll not spill the goods. I live in Northern UT, and will keep your trails secret - feel free to send me email at matthewwright@gmail.com if you'd prefer to not have you're goods shared on the forum. I'm also happy to reciprocate and share/show trails that I'm familiar with in Northern UT, central ID and the Teton valley. Thanks!
  7. Have you checked the free play gain? Check out this video, there are a lot of good videos on youtube about how to adjust the clutch
  8. mdubahya

    XTrainer - What have you bolted on?

    Installed Rekluse LHRB over the weekend. Straightforward install, had to back bleed a couple of times to get good lever feel. https://goo.gl/photos/VhAf56rHTFm2btyy7
  9. mdubahya

    XTrainer - What have you bolted on?

    Zip tie the exhaust boot before your first ride your new XTrainer!! It's a known issue, and I didn't heed the warning with my new XT. I'm posting this so any folks getting new bikes, take the 5 minutes to do this before your first ride. I did not, and created the huge mess you can see in the first pic. After removing the silencer and the pipe and then about 30 minutes with simple green and a damn tooth brush, I got it back to mostly clean. I still need to zip tie the oil injection tube. https://goo.gl/photos/UAHvmwzMNBBLSPyp9
  10. mdubahya

    XTrainer - What have you bolted on?

    Installed Force radiator guards, nice fit. Just some minor grinding to accommodate a weld. https://goo.gl/photos/MYSjxqMhrPt9DXB26 Nobody in the US selling these, so I had to get them from Australia, Gary at Beta Australia was great. I paid extra for the air freight option, and it took 12 days from ship date to arrive. http://betamotor.com.au/betaenduro/product_info.php?products_id=10819
  11. mdubahya

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    1 1/8" at the clamps
  12. mdubahya

    XTrainer - What have you bolted on?

    Installed the Cycra Pro Bend Racer handguards today. I'd never cut the throttle tube before, so i took some pictures to share how I did it. Hope it helps. https://goo.gl/photos/kaow8uh8Fr92vQFN7 cutting throttle tube handuards bark busters barkbusters
  13. I just picked up a '16 XT, and am shopping for all the guards and accessories. I bought a Rekluse clutch, and will be installing that soon. Other than that, planning on Cycra hand guards. I know I need a skid plate, and radiator guards. I ride mostly tight single track, and want to get tough protection to save my bike from bashes and drops in the rocks - what have you guys put on your bikes?
  14. mdubahya

    Beta Xtrainer 300 (2016)


    Brand new, haven't ridden it yet - Too snowy here! Will update after first ride, some time in March!