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  1. elasio

    Spokes for Beta RR

    Hi, What are my options for buying just a few spokes for my Beta 300 RR 2017 in the US? Thanks
  2. Thank you. I've also watched that video. He was using that special bleeding valve with check valve in them. Right?
  3. Hi, I stupidly assumed the clutch line takes mineral oil, and I flushed the system with it instead of DOT brake fluid. Went for a a couple of rides and now the clutch has no pressure and the master cylinder rubber inner cap is all deformed. It appears that the mineral oil ate up the seals. Anyone knows where to get just those seals? without needing to buy the entire rebuild kit? Any advice on rebuilding is also highly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Thanks ballisticexchris, This helps a lot! just concerned about removing the cap. Did you mean something like this? https://www.channellock.com/460-Straight-Jaw-Plier.aspx Thanks Eilon
  5. Hi, Need to change springs on my forks. Do I need to remove the cartridge before I can access the spring and remove it or is it a straight forward pull from the top?
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys.
  7. Hi, Got myself a 2017 300 RR Race Edition with the Sachs forks and shock. Love the bike on fast South Jersey single tracks, but it's way to too harsh on the rocky terrain found in north Jersey and PA. Can someone recommend a good tuner to do the re-valving on these forks and shock? East coast. NY or NJ preferably Thanks
  8. elasio

    Rear tire help

    I use Kenda 505 Cheater. Has amazing grip and surprisingly last pretty long.
  9. elasio

    Scott's simple SUB mount?

    Just aluminum for me thanks
  10. elasio

    Scott's simple SUB mount?

    Hi, i am interested in this,it looks like it's just what I'm (and others) are missing. Would you be able to price this for me? Thanks
  11. elasio

    Scott's simple SUB mount?

    Thanks Mike, I did and they say they're not making one due to low demand
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a SUB mount for my 2017 Beta 300 RR, but unfortunately Scott's are only making the bulky rubber mount. Has anyone seen a solution for this? A simple metal mount? Something like this (This is for Husaberg) http://www.scottsonline.com/Stabilizer_Purchase2.php?Make=Husaberg&Model=FE&Bike_ID=6341&Year=2013&Size=250&Fred=&BI_ID=239092 Thanks you all
  13. Hi there, Need some info about cam chain tensioners for my '13 Husaberg FE 250. I just noticed some ticking noises coming and going while idling. Did some reading and it looks like it's a common problem on the KTM/Berg cam chain tensioners. I see 2 options in the after market world. 1. Dirt Tricks Hydraulic tensioner replacement. http://dirttricks.com/shop/ktm-timing-chain-tensioner 2. DJH Manual cam tensioner. http://www.djhcyclesport.com/djh-tensioners/ktm-cam-chain-tensioner-2.html Can anyone recommend any of these from their experience?
  14. elasio

    Any riders near summit n.j.

    Hey, I live in Brooklyn, NY and can meet you in Summit, NJ and ride together. I ride FE 250. Would love to Hit Rausch Creek. Never rode it, heard great things. I'm available this weekend. E
  15. Hi there, I'm pretty new to Enduros and did the Sandy Lane last week. Have to admit that I really did not enjoy most of it mostly due to the super tight zig-zag sections. I'm curious to know what to expect on the Clock Run enduro. Is it more flowing or also tight trees that won't fit a handlebar? Thanks, Elasio