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  1. 32_d3gr33s

    I'm confused.

    anyone try running DOT approved scooter tires on their bikes? Im not sure what size tires will fit, and what wont... anyone have any knowledge on what sizes will be ok? Stock is 90/100-16 for rear. 100/90 and 100/80 motorcycle tires seem to be easy to find. would those be able to fit? I found this scooter tire. Thoughts? http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/20389/i/shinko-sr568r-rear-scooter-tire
  2. 32_d3gr33s

    I'm confused.

    Yeah I'm not really worried about what the requirements are for tires, more of which ones would be decent for on lots of pavement, or a not so expensive way to switch rims. I have a 2 other motorcycles. I just want this to be able to tool around on.
  3. 32_d3gr33s

    I'm confused.

    I've got a 150f that I am in the process of making street legal. I'm kind of lost with what I should do with wheels. Main reason I want it street legal is to cruise around with a local group of groms and other small street legal dirt bikes. I really want just a set of wheels for street and a set for my dirt tires, but that seems to be a very expensive route. Dual sport tires seem to be difficult to find to fit the 16" rear rim, and still be close to a 50/50 split for road and dirt. 80% of the riding I would do would be street. Any time I ride off road I would have plenty of time to swap wheels before hand. How hard would it be to buy a set of street tires and just swap tires when I want to ride trails? Or can anyone suggest a budget friendly set of rims? If I did buy an extra set of wheels, they would probably need the hubs on them correct? Otherwise to lace the original ones on id have to take the tires off anyway wouldn't I? Are there any other rims that fit with minimal modification? Sorry I'm new to all this and aren't really familiar with part interchangeability. Thanks.
  4. 32_d3gr33s

    Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650R (2006)


    Good bike for learning
  5. 32_d3gr33s

    Kawasaki EX650 Ninja 650R 2006

    Good bike for learning
  6. 32_d3gr33s

    Kawasaki ZX600 Ninja ZX-6R (2002)


    Awesome bike
  7. 32_d3gr33s

    Kawasaki ZX600 Ninja ZX-6R 2002

    Awesome bike
  8. 32_d3gr33s

    CRF agility pix

    Little puddle
  9. 32_d3gr33s

    "Easy" trail in Michigan for new rider

    Just got back from tin cup. First time ive been out riding. I had a blast. Went around a few times because i thought it would take longer than 45 min to run the whole thing. Ended up running back and forth through the section of whoops a bunch of times until i couldnt feel my arms lol. Definitely will be going back though
  10. 32_d3gr33s

    Honda CRF150F (2014)


    Thumbs Up
  11. 32_d3gr33s

    Honda CRF150F 2014

    Thumbs Up
  12. 32_d3gr33s

    Michigan ORV stickers - don't put them on your forks.

    Power washers don't wash the front forks? And if your rear fender breaks, call the dnr and they will replace the stickers for free
  13. 32_d3gr33s

    New Bike

    Well I did some upgrades to it today. Pulled the intake restrictor, and the exhaust baffle. Rejetted with a 42 and 115. Changed the needle to the "power up" needle and replaced the mixture screw with the T handle screw. Also added some cheap hand guards. Everything was super simple, other than getting the brass cap off the mixture screw. The hand guards didn't quite want to fit on the right side, so I had to move the start button to the left handle to make room for it. Bike runs awesome now. Made a good difference. Pulls a little better at low end. Only question I had was, everything I read said stock was a 98 main needle. Mine was a 95. Did they change this or was mine wrong? Taking it out trail riding this weekend. Can't wait. Little bummed though, had a good deal lined up for a pair of boots, 2 jerseys, and some shin guards. Then my tranny went out in my truck. Better save some cash to replace it. Oh well. Side note, anyone make theirs street legal? I work a couple miles from my house and thought about doing it to just cruise to work and back.
  14. 32_d3gr33s

    Michigan ORV stickers - don't put them on your forks.

    It's no different than a license plate. Try to hide it/mount it different than specified: deal with getting harassed. ---> easy solution, put them where they go.
  15. 32_d3gr33s

    Michigan roll call

    I picked up a 150f for mainly my kids, but I want to tear around on it too lol. Let me know how tin cup is, that's probably where I will end up going