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  1. Prob bought a four stroke and blew it up...
  2. Sir falls alot

    200p ktm shrouds

    Thanks,I just orders them this morning and was getting cold feet . I feel better now
  3. Sir falls alot

    200p ktm shrouds

    Will 2001 shrouds fit on my 2000 ktm? They look about the same but can't tell if they will line up.
  4. Sir falls alot

    Lectron carburetor from 300 mxc on 300 exc?

    Hey thanks, I'm gonna go new. I have a code to receive 50 dollars off putting the price at 370 for a new lectron seems like a fair price plus like you said it will be setup specifically for my bike. How do you like yours ? It sure sounds great not having to mess with jetting anymore that has to worth it.
  5. Hi everyone, have a 2000 ktm 300 exc and was looking on ebay for a lectron carb and came across this one. It was off a 2001 ktm 300 mxc version. Would this simple install on my bike and go ride or would I need to modify it all. I messaged the guy who said he has been dealing with lectron carbs since the 70s but could answer my question. Hoping some one here can give some advise/direction being it's 350 bucks. Thanks
  6. Sir falls alot

    Airoh aviator 2.2 sizing,fitment?

    I went with exactly what size they recommend after I measured my head. I usually go with a large helmet but ordered he medium as suggested by airoh. I had my shipped from Italy and took 3 weeks. Best light helmet I have ever owned. Good luck
  7. Sir falls alot

    Pro-x piston

    Anyone have an opinion on a Pro-x piston. I’ll be racing this season and was wondering if I should grab a Wiesco instead. Only reason for the Pro-x is the price. Thanks
  8. Sir falls alot

    KTM 125EXC

    I seen running 250s for less than a 1000 in running condition.
  9. Sir falls alot

    ISO 2000 ktm 300 exc bottom end kit

    Hey thanks for the reply. I just searched online. I’ll give these a looks. Thanks again.
  10. Sir falls alot

    ISO 2000 ktm 300 exc bottom end kit

    Can’t find one online anywhere. Looking to rebuild top and bottom over the winter. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks .
  11. Sir falls alot

    Airoh Helmet, in So Cal

    this is the one I got. So much lighter than my old helmet.
  12. Sir falls alot

    Airoh Helmet, in So Cal

    I had to order my Airoh from Italy took 3 weeks. I’m in love with it.
  13. Sir falls alot

    Kdx220 or yz250f

    Kdx. Then throw on the kx250 forks and trees to upgrade.One great woods bike.
  14. Sir falls alot

    Anyone here racing the Ironman Sunday?

    I’m going as a spectator .My nephew will be racing youth. Should be fun few days of beer drinking for me. Good luck sir and stay safe.
  15. Sir falls alot

    Budget Friendly Foot Pegs

    Check out BDP racing.com. Nice quality foot pegs for decent price.