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  1. Enduro28

    New Rims

    Yes, actually the bike looks way different now than it did in that photo. Haven't gotten around into taking updated pics, so sometimes I use that old photo right after I completed building my bike at the time
  2. Enduro28

    New Rims

    I have black rims on mine currently, and have very similar graphics like yours, maybe this photo of mine you can get a idea of the look you might be going for.. Hope this helps
  3. Enduro28


    Can I perform the pink wire mod on my CRF250X 2009 Model? Couldn't locate any pink wire. Believe I heard its only for 2004-2007 models, is this true? Has full CCC mods, really need the extra RPM's.. Thanks
  4. Enduro28

    My first kawa, help on model and price?

    Hi, the tenth digit of the vin seems to be a "X". What year would this be? And what interchangeable parts does this model fit with? Thanks!!
  5. I just purchased this kawasaki KX250 for 300 dollars, but it's locked. I suspect it's it's the bottom end but usally I get parts pretty easy and cheap. Although I didn't get a title, VIN comes clean and has a little extra goodies. Everything looks good Just need to get it running from being locked up. Can someone help on exactly the model of the bike? Being a Honda guy, I dont know how much Kawasaki's run for.. how much would this one be worth running? Was this purchase good enough to invest and fix it? Thanks
  6. Enduro28


    Thanks for the info! I rounded up my choices.. so will a tank cover for a CRF250R 04-05 bolt on into a CRF250X 2009? I do recall earlier CRF250x had slightly bigger and wider tanks I think.
  7. Enduro28


    Hi, Im looking forward to purchasing a gas tank cover and want to know exactly what Models of ( CRF250R/ CRF450R & CRF250X/ CRF450X ) and years are compatible with my 2009 CRF250X. I believe all parts on the CRF250X are compatible with the CRF250R 04-05? Is this correct? What 450R years are compatible with the CRF250X ?? Thanks
  8. Enduro28


    I have previously plastic dipped my rims last year, takes about 4 to 5 coats to get them right. Really protected my rims and lasted more than a year, recommend it for a cheap, fast Do it yourself solution. If your looking for a alternative way for the longer run you should consider taking a view of my previous post " https://thumpertalk.com/index.php?/topic/1240087-Weekend-Project-SAVED-$$$ " Hope this helps
  9. Enduro28

    Weekend Project SAVED $$$

    I been thinking the same thing.. especially with decals or a customs design they would definitely go for it! It cost me around $50 for me to do my wheel build including me buying material that I didn't have in hand. That cost would go down now that I know how much and where to buy it from and have more "first hand experience"
  10. Enduro28

    Weekend Project SAVED $$$

    Really liked how these turned out .. amazing job man
  11. Enduro28

    garage sale score today

    Wow talk about a deal! Great catch! Did you end up bargaining down on this ? Either way good deal! Sent from my Z981 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  12. Enduro28

    Weekend Project SAVED $$$

    Thanks man for the feedback! Go head I truly recommend it, makes a difference
  13. Enduro28

    Weekend Project SAVED $$$

    Thanks for the feedback really appreciate it makes a difference! And sounds like you did a great job on that rear yourself maybe you can share with us how it turned out! Definitely sounds rad! Sent from my Z981 using ThumperTalk mobile app
  14. Enduro28

    garage sale score today

    The seller said it needed maintenance and some TLC.. also seller looked like he lacked knowledge towards dirtbikes. All it needed was a carb clean-up and new fluids and it's running strong! Bike showed no wear absolutely, comes all stock and had been either babied or not used. Once he said $300 I immediately purchased it!
  15. Enduro28

    garage sale score today

    Awesome score man! I'll tell ya.. most people underestimate garages sales! Not too long ago I got this beauty: CR125 2003 for whopping $300.00 dollars! I also made a post about it to bring awareness