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    Riding my bike as much as i can
  1. Jonny_English7

    Ride on Sunday 27 Mar - Bruderheim near Edmonton

    Ive joined the bruderheim riding group on facebook and from the pictures ive seen from guys been out there lately it doesnt look too bad. I was thinking of going out saturday or sunday myself but dont know yet
  2. Jonny_English7

    Any Alberta Riders?

    Tell me about it. Doubt it will last too much longer though. Just cant wait till winters finally over!
  3. Jonny_English7

    Any Alberta Riders?

    My bikes all tucked up in storage at the moment so got to wait till it gets abit nicer to get her out and get her ready for this year
  4. Jonny_English7

    Any Alberta Riders?

    I dont know if this will help you out bud but there is a group on facebook i just recently joined and they go out to Bruderheim pretty much every weekend.... ive not actually been out with them yet as im waiting for the nicer weather haha the group is called - B.R.A Bruderheim riding association
  5. Jonny_English7

    Any Alberta Riders?

    ...... plus if anyone one is getting a group together to go riding in the Edmonton/Alberta area im in
  6. Jonny_English7

    Any Alberta Riders?

    I went to bump quite alot last summer and its a good track. Has a big main track, a good cornering track and some pretty sweet trails. I normally went on a sunday in the AM and it was quiet. Later you go busier it gets. Id say its better than super daves aswell. Went there once and didnt really like it.
  7. Jonny_English7

    Tobby creek

    Haha thats abit too far for me bud
  8. Jonny_English7

    Tobby creek

    In BC?
  9. Jonny_English7

    Tobby creek

    Wheres tobby creek?
  10. Jonny_English7

    alberta riders

  11. Jonny_English7


    Yeah i went on sunday. Was pretty good didnt really know where i was going though to be fair haha plus it was short lived as my mates bike seized up (so i need new riding buddies now) didnt see any cops though. I think its better than bruderheim
  12. Jonny_English7


    Has anybody in the Edmonton area been riding out in Redwater? Im heading there this weekend and was wondering what it was like?
  13. Jonny_English7

    Kawasaki KX250F 2013

    Best bike ive ridden
  14. Jonny_English7

    Kawasaki KX250F (2013)

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    Best bike ive ridden