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  1. CRF450RDR

    SPOILER, TORONTO: Malcolm Stewart

    He's obviously got the speed, but if he doesn't get his head in gear soon, he'll wind up injured. I remember Bubba at Daytona a few years ago flipping over one of those huge bowl turns berms. I thought to myself only a few people in the world would walk away from that, I hope Malcolm is one of them.
  2. CRF450RDR

    I think, if Stewie...

    McGrath was like a fast Windham, pure poetry in motion. RC never had that level of fluidity, RC was all drive and determination, that's why I really liked the guy, all guts. McGrath sure was purdy to watch.
  3. CRF450RDR

    Who will win the 2011 SX title, Now.....

    Villipoto has run a few really strong races, but he was also handed about three gifts. I'm not a Reed fan, but after him being written off most of the season, 'I wouldn't mind it if he won. I like to see Dungey pull it off, he's been by far the most consistant.
  4. CRF450RDR

    What IS a Fan and Why do You root for your rider?

    How about the appreciation for someone doing something better than you could ever imagine yourself doing! I appreciate the dedication and attention these guys put in to get to where they are. I was at the last SX, TV just doesn't do our sport justice.
  5. CRF450RDR

    What Do Pros Earn for Winning?

    That's not purse money, it's from the other things mentioned. From RacerX "Supercross racers compete for prize and bonus money like other racers, but the bulk of their income comes from the salary and bonuses from their team and other sponsors. A top factory rider in the Supercross class generally has a base salary that clears seven figures, and win bonuses can reach $100,000, with another million for a championship. There are usually bonuses for top-three or top-five finishes. Riding-gear contracts can reach the million-dollar mark as well, with goggle and boot contracts in the six-figure range. And don't forget outside deals like energy drinks, shoes, and cell phones. Add in supercross prize money, and a top rider can easily clear $5 million during a good season."
  6. CRF450RDR

    CR is now CW, "Chad Who" !

    You think maybe Reed needs some of those factory Honda parts for his ride? That at least should be a consideration before parking TC in the cheap seats!
  7. CRF450RDR

    KTM 350 + talent will equal a win

    Why would anyone give up 22% displacement advantage to a competitor? SX is the exception because maneuverability and nimbleness would play a role- but so far that hasn't made up for the disadvantge of gool ole' lack of Horse Power. Alessi couldn't make the step on step off in JAX. But than again maybe Alessi is just a bad fit for the KTM. Short is usually in the same position as last year on the 450, at this point in the season!
  8. CRF450RDR

    Anyone else getting tired of being a Stewart fan???

    He got a horrible start and in the show they blamed it of Byrne- I think it was James all alone- Byrne bumped him slightly and he grabbed a handfull and flew from the right side to the left side of the track (looked like a scrub) crashed and got hit. The track was weird, short start straight, right hand first turn, poor passing, and 95% of the riders did the same jump combinations on every section. I think JS knew this and tried to make something happen too quickly. IMHO
  9. CRF450RDR

    What Do Pros Earn for Winning?

    I believe they get a piddly little "purse" for winning races, the money comes from endorsements, manufacturer's contract and contingency money from the manufacturer.
  10. CRF450RDR

    Suspend Reed for a race

  11. CRF450RDR

    Suspend Reed for a race

    How about protecting the inside- That doughnut Ralph Shaheen even seems to know that. Reed rode the rut!
  12. CRF450RDR

    Suspend Reed for a race

    I agree completely, I've watched the replay about 30X, JS saw him and didn't let off. I've seen it a thousand times, a block pass stands the guy up and almost stops him dead (the rider stops rather than crash). Stewart didn't (wouldn't) slow down or stop for anyone. Stewart could have allowed Reed to pass and got him in the next turn. Last year the crash was all Reed, this year Stewie's at fault.
  13. CRF450RDR

    CR is now CW, "Chad Who" !

    Reddy wasn't Speedy last year on the KAWI. It can only get harder funding your own team and using stock bikes. I don't know about all the drama that led to it, but how much of his own cash do you think he forked over to race? Remember he's not selling aftermarket products or anything, payback money comes from purses (they suck) and sponsors? A few years back Jeff Ward finished 2nd in the 1999 Indy 500 "Ward, driving his Yahoo-MerchantOnline Dallara/Aurora/Goodyear, earned $583,150 for his performance". That's for one race not the championship or a series, just one race. Mx/Sx doesn't pay, we do it for love!!
  14. CRF450RDR

    KTM 350 Supercross Debut

    Yeah it's hard to give up almost 25% displacement and still pull straights. Alessi did great in the first outdoor race then nothing. Those guys are at a huge dissadvantage, Shorty needs a little ADvantage to be on the top step.
  15. CRF450RDR

    Erin Bates...Old and Bitter?

    That's a hot picture, I don't think she looks that good live IMHO but the pic is way hotter.