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  1. Hallowed

    I need a good tire

    I like the k270s, I get about 8k miles out of a set before I need new ones, do well offroad except in mud i find. I commute on my bike during the week and offroad on the weekends
  2. Hallowed

    Different Colored Plastics... Thoughts?

    I know SCRUBdesignz makes some fluorescent plastics for a couple models of bikes but beyond that nothing I can think of. Could probably dye the plastic to a color you want if you can find a full set of white.
  3. Hallowed

    Best DRZ400 chain/sprocket combo deals?

    I run jt steel sprockets front and rear and a jt xring chain. whole deal coats about 100 and they have a large selection of sprocket sizes.
  4. Hallowed

    DRZ 400 CDI Compatability

    Just how the kill switch works, it's held down on dirt bikes I believe so you don't accidentally tap it with your knee or leg and kill your bike mid race/ride
  5. Hallowed

    dr z400s

    Pre 2003 models have a faulty acct in them. The newer ones have a better acct, but it still isn't perfect. Fwiw I'm at almost 30k miles on my 06 S model with the stock acct, and noticeable but slight wear in the cam chain. If you decide to get a manual, don't cheap out.
  6. Yes, there was a change in early 2000s between the colors. Old is more mustardy than the new
  7. Hallowed

    Hiding Spot for Insurance & Registration?

    I keep my papers under the bar pad in a ziploc bag
  8. Hallowed


    Magic eraser does a good job, at least on white. It does take some shine away after a dozen or so uses, but it really does work some magic
  9. Hallowed

    DRZ400 weight loss

    253lbs for an s model. 70lbs difference from stock. I'd be glad to see mine hit 295 lol
  10. Hallowed

    Fender question

    Kinda looks like the one I have, an rm250 front. Same bolt patterns
  11. Hallowed

    Anyone here 5'4"?

    I think people just want to be able to flatfoot bot feet. I'm 5'9 with a 28-29 inch inseam and I can ride and stop comfortably on just the ball of my foot. Just something I had to get used to. If I wear my boots I can flatfoot one side comfortably.
  12. Hallowed

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    OEM white headlight shroud in pristine condition for $34. Now it's time to paint the tank and rid myself of the horrible plastidip job i did a couple years ago lol
  13. Hallowed

    Seat issues

    I bought a SC standard height, gripper cover about a year ago. It's better than stock for sure, but $200 better? Nah. Gripper actually makes me sweat and rub a lot more since I can't slide around, and my seat foam is still pretty dang hard after 8k miles. The comfort on mine at least comes just from the extra width, not the density of the foam. I might try getting a vinyl cover from them or a sheepskin and see how that helps.
  14. Hallowed

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Installed some auxiliary lighting up front. The 4x6 is great for tighter trails but its a spot light which isnt so good for our open deserts. Spent a little over $20 for both lights and a wiring harness. Hung them from the indicator brackets since both indicators stopped working (thinking its my handlebar switch) They just BARELY clear the radiator shrouds at full lock turns. Mounted using just 2 fender washers and the supplied mounting brackets but they don't budge. They arent aimed where i want them yet so they look a bit wonky in the pictures
  15. Hallowed

    2018 drz 400sm short back fender

    When you put on a new rear you have to trim it a bit if you have a s/sm subframe. I used a hot sharp boxcutter and it went through it like cheese