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  1. DLHamblin

    Transmission Oil....

    You will find there are many differing opinions on whats best. As the manual states regular Honda motor oil will work. I have used Bel-Ray gear box oil since the '80s. Most important thing no matter which, is keep it fresh.
  2. If all any one does is read who came in 1st etc, there is a great chance they will pick the wrong bike for themselves if thats how they rank them. Today, the difference between the 1st pick and last pick is generally over small items and preferences. The meat of the magazine shoot outs is in the text. Each tester has their own preferences, and what makes a bike #1 for one tester may be opposite of what you want/need.
  3. DLHamblin

    Winterizing dirtbike

    Only thing else I do then the Stabil and oil changes is I put a stopper in exhaust, take out air filter and put twin air cover in airbox and place bike on stand.
  4. DLHamblin

    motion pro cable luber????

    A further take if you have time, is get a few small balloons (like used for water balloons); put your choice of lube in them, connect via rubber band or zip tie on the cable and hang so gravity workes the lube down from the top through the cable. But most of the time I still use a luber wrapped in paper towels for speed.
  5. DLHamblin

    Steahly Off-Road Products

    Well, what specific problems are you having?
  6. DLHamblin

    Need service manual, which one should I buy?

    Well, if you plan to do all your maintenance; I suggest the official Honda service manaual (like the shops would use). Yeah, its a few bucks but it covers every nut/bolt/procedure you would need for any component. Bought one in 2011 when I bought my 2011 CRF450R.
  7. Hmm, I'll go home and take a close look at mine there and see if I see any signs of fatigue or cracking!
  8. Is yours titanium or the stainless model? I have the full RS4 stainless system and after all summer no cracks yet.
  9. DLHamblin

    Unocal 76 High Octane

    Yeah, I used to fly and the 100LL av gas could lead foul plugs in a heart beat at idle if you weren't careful. FRom what I can tell the Turbo Blue doesn't have a lot of lead. Does make the 2-stroke exhaust smeel nice!
  10. DLHamblin

    Unocal 76 High Octane

    Along these lines, whats the opinion on a leaded fuel in the newer bikes? I have used Turbo Blue 115 leaded in my 2-strokes for years. Can't tll from the manuals as of course anything with lead is a no-no; but wondered how it would really work or if there is a reason you should not use a leaded fuel in a modern (2011 CRF450R) MX bike?
  11. DLHamblin

    could simple green cause this?

    I use Simple Green full strength, never had an issue. I don't let it sit long though, as it "can" dull aluminum if left too long (won't hurt anything, just dulls it). The scotchbrite pad an aluminum polish as mentioned always seems to remove the scuffs etc from frame.
  12. DLHamblin

    Honda No toil

    This is one of those subjects like "who makes the best oil..."; there are many opinions and most are very set in theirs. I started riding in the early 1970's when we washed filters in gas and used regular motor oil to oil them. I started using No-Toil in my YZ250 in 2006 when it was new, and my CRF450R in 2011 when it was new. Maybe a throw back to the old days but when I take out the filters from the bike I always take a damp paper towel and wipe inside the airboot to see if there is any dust. So far on the YZ250 and my CRF450R I have not had any. I use Twin-Air filters and the red No-Toil. I have a plastic tub I put the clean filter in, and then soak it liberally in the No-Toil (I would do this with any oil by the way) and work the filter around to make sure thouroghly soaked. I then squeeze out the majority and then wrap the filter in a few paper towels and squeeze again. This way its not over-oiled. Not sure if thats part of my success or what. I also typically have several filters and will change to a fresh one after an outing.
  13. DLHamblin

    Do newer CRF-450 stall less

    I also give Eddie a thumbs up, remapped my 2011 and greatly improved stalling and the bike runs noticeably better across the power band.
  14. DLHamblin

    Help Plz?.....

    Also, if you get a mechanics stethoscope (Harbor Frieght has some inexpensive ones) they can be a real help in pinpointing where a noise iscoming from.
  15. DLHamblin

    2011 Clutch

    Have you all removed the judder spring? I did on mine as a lot here recommened and it makes the clutch feel more normal as to lever pull distance and engagment.feel.