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  1. arjay

    Kawasaki KDX200 (1987)


    KDX200/KX125 Hybrid (87 motor, 86-89 chassis)
  2. arjay

    Kawasaki KDX200 1987

    KDX200/KX125 Hybrid (87 motor, 86-89 chassis)
  3. would you be better off buying a bar of 7075 from an ally supplier and getting a new stem turned. I've had that done 2 or 3 times now, swapping out different front ends onto frames. I wouldn't risk a weld. Came to around $160 for the material and the work (converting from NZ$)
  4. arjay

    Clank after shutting off from WOT

    i thought it might be detonation or pinking due to a fuel mix issue. What are the sounds/symptoms of those?
  5. thanks for that, guess I need to get an 89 frame weighed.
  6. is there a weight difference between the 1008 steel the 1020 constructed frames?
  7. arjay

    Clank after shutting off from WOT

    It's a mechanical noise from the cylinder. It happens after shutting off after high revs/over run. Usually 2 or 3 metallic knocks then just a fluffy uneven rev pattern as revs drop (throttle closed). It happens in any gear, and is more noticeable when motor is hot. A typical time for it to happen would be after holding it wide open on sandy section then shutting off coming into a corner.
  8. i thought the Japanese MXers switched to higher tensile, lighter (thinner) steel frames at some point in the 80s, or was it later? Or was this not the case?
  9. arjay

    Clank after shutting off from WOT

    what info is needed - I'll try my best. Engine is standard. No porting or head work. Has been re-chromed. Running a Wiseco piston.
  10. Could anyone tell me what year Kawasaki went to chro-moly tubing for their steel frames on their MXers? Was wanting to know if the 89 KX125 frame cradle would weigh less than the 86. (Were they still using lower grade steel in 86? It feels heavier than it looks!)
  11. Hi – I have a recently rebuilt air cooled KDX200 that is running a non standard carb (PWK 36mm AS). Power wise it’s running great pulls hard throughout the revs. But after holding the throttle wide open for any amount of time, there is a ‘clank' noise as soon as I shut off. It has always happened whether jetting has been rich or lean. I’m using 98 unleaded 40:1 full synthetic oil. Is this likely to be a jetting thing, or a squish/head/fuel type thing? Can’t seem to make it go away with jetting. I notice it more when the motor is hot. Thanks for any help.
  12. arjay

    DRZ offset?

    Would have to go out and buy a DRZ triple clamp first, as I don't have one. That's why I'm asking. But thanks anyway.
  13. arjay

    DRZ offset?

    Hi there, just wondered if someone could help me before I spend money. Are the stock triples off an DRZ400S (2008) an 18mm offset? (I'm putting a pair of 49C Showas onto another bike and need an 18mm offset, rather than the 20mm of the triples that came with them). Also does anyone make a good aftermarket top clamp apart from Zeta? Thanks for any help.
  14. I've been playing round with jetting on an older KDX, running a Keihin PWK air striker carb. I was having plug fouling issues, so I changed the slide to the right one (!) and have gone back to base jetting. It doesn't foul the plug, but I've experienced a loss of mid range power. Bottom end is ok, then it gets kinda weak and fourstrokes slightly, then revs out ok when you get to the top end. The mid seems to have lost it's punch, and I have to slip the clutch to get it into the usable power. Is this a lean or rich condition? Which jets need adjusting? It feels like the plug is partially fouled. Any thoughts would be appreciated...
  15. Thanks for this guys - just made the decision to use 43's that much trickier.