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  1. itsallbizz, Good to hear! Let us know how it works out.
  2. Try this place and see if they can maybe fix your pipe. I've not used them before but looking at their website it looks as though they do some pretty good work. Pacific Crest Pipe Repair -
  3. I buy most of my parts direct from a local honda dealer through their website. I'm getting ready to go through a 2005 CR250 and did some price comparison with Bike Bandit, Motosport, Rocky Mountain and Huntington Beach Honda. I checked prices on 16 items with Huntington Beach being the cheapest overall. Most of the items were plastic and some hardware. Here's their website go to parts finder on the bottom of the home page and click the links from there.
    This is my nearly restored 1987 CR500
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    This is my nearly restored 1987 CR500