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  1. Mutley53

    Kenny Knows

    I’ve seen this statement made several times but can’t think of retaliation from him that worked out for him. Last time he tried he destroyed his arm.
  2. Mutley53

    Red Death (Revisited)

    A broken femur is not career ending. It will have a rod inserted and will heal just fine. He could even be back before the end of the series. He can chose to have the rod taken out which would mean taking the rest of supercross off, but there is no reason he can not be back next year for SX. He could easily be ready for MX (I don’t know if he was planning on racing MX anyway). I personally think a knee injury would be worse. Peick’s loss of vision in his eye would definitely be a career ending injury. I’ve dealt with both injuries and vision loss had a much greater impact on my riding than a broken femur.
  3. Mutley53

    Hey Eli

  4. Ryco makes a kit specific for the FX models that uses the factory WR headlight and taillight. It requires no splicing but instead ties into the bike’s switched power at the junction blocks by the battery. The wiring wouldn’t be exactly the same as the WR’s since the WR uses the ECU as a relay switch for the lights. Instead the taillight power and headlight power remain on for approximately 1 minute after the bike is shut off. You likely have to order the kit directly from them or have your dealer contact them.
  5. The TA screen reduced the effective inside diameter of the tank opening just enough that the Ripper Cap wouldn’t easily fit inside. Your experience may differ. I recall trying it and pulling the screen out. It may work for you, but the interference seemed more than I wanted to mess with. According to the drawing on Tuff Jug’s website, the OD of the spout is 1.45”. If you already have the screen, you could measure the ID and compare. I know it was close and you could machine a little bit off the OD of the spout to make them work together.
  6. I had a 2014 YZ450F that I used the Tuff Jug with Ripper Cap with. It worked well. The tank is deep enough the KTM adapter is not needed. I have not used their Quick Cap, but I’m sure it would work fine. I wasn’t using the system for quick race fueling, but just because I got sick of spilling when fueling up. The stock tank is hard to see how full it is getting with a typical gas can. The Ripper Cap would be faster than a typical can because you don’t have to worry about over filling, but it is still a bit slower than an IMS dry break setup. One note: it will not work with the Twin Air tank screen. If you’re worried about contaminants in your fuel you could screen it as you fill the Tuff Jug.
  7. Mutley53

    Yamaha owns 2018 KTM: MXA race test

    As far as dust is concerned, I’ve wondered why an oil (vegetable based, petroleum based, etc.) has not been used for keeping tracks moist. Obviously, it would need to be contained to not enter water systems, but it would not evaporate and the dirt could be maintained at a more consistent density. Cost for a large track would likely be high, but if we’re talking about tracks near cities, an arenacross size track may be feasible. It’s just a thought I’ve had.
  8. Mutley53

    Marvin's Tactics

    Marvin has had a bunch of good races in a row, however I think Tomac is still the favorite. During SX Marvin was over 2 races down from Tomac in points, and during MX he was almost a Moto down. To me, that shows that his consistency needs work. Tomac was pretty inconsistent yet he beat Musquin. Marvin has improved over the year, but I don't think it's enough to make him the favorite.
  9. Mutley53

    He's toast

    I don’t know, too soft of forks seems to me like he would have hurt his wrists, not ankle. I think the problem was the steel frame. [emoji3]
  10. Mutley53

    2017 300 XC-W Taillight Power

    The owner decided to float the ground on the stator and convert the whole system to DC. He is also going to run a Baja Designs LED headlight so that was the easiest option. Doing so made is so the LED taillight he wanted to run was easy since the power was all converted to DC.
  11. Mutley53

    2017 300 XC-W Taillight Power

    Thank you for the detailed response. I was afraid it was AC as you confirmed. It is not my bike, but I am working on putting a DRC Edge 2 light with 12 O'clock Labs integrated blinker board on the bike. The board specifically states that it must be DC. I believe it is due to the microprocessor used in the board. It is a programmable taillight/blinker. It looks like I will have to come up with a way to create switched DC power. Again, thanks for the information. If anyone has done this or has ideas, I'd love to hear them. The simplest seams to add a rectifier to the taillight power wires.
  12. Mutley53

    2017 300 XC-W Taillight Power

    Can someone tell me if the stock taillight is powered with AC or DC power? I'm hoping it is DC so I can use it to power a different LED.
  13. Mutley53

    Weimer to MotoConcepts

    I believe it was mentioned in the Silly Season thread. I'm glad he was able to get a ride early instead of last minute. I like seeing him do well. Obviously he's not a title threat, but he does ok and teams see something in him to keep him around.
  14. Mutley53

    Dean-O @ Ironman

    That's stupid if they took it out because he was doing it and others weren't. Surely there would have to be another reason to remove it.
  15. Mutley53

    Who's your rider?? Predictions for Nationals?

    Webb looked better when he rode the 2015 450 for Des Nations and Aus Supercross. I know Yamaha changed the frame slightly with the 2016. Maybe he worked better with the old bike. I also wonder if practicing/racing the 250 somehow helped with racing the 450. It seems when 250 riders get a one off chance to ride a 450, they do better than when they actually move to the 450 class. Some riders, obviously not everyone every time.