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  1. RudderFeet

    Trials newb with bike ??

    I had a 2003 and now a 2017 of the same make and size. In general they’re very reliable, easy to work on and most parts of that age are fairly straightforward to get. There are a bunch of YouTube videos by Jim Snell and online manuals you’d want to get. The Kickstarter gear is prone to wear, so that’s not surprising but check-source the parts before you buy. In that condition I’d pay no more than $1000 to hedge your bets against other issues that could come up, like seals, water pump, etc. If the head is intact, test for good compression. Also inspect fork seals and oil, look for water pump leaks and such. On my 2003 that had sat for 5 years, I had to rebuild the water pump impeller and seals, fork seals and oil, fuel and vent tubing, tires, front brake master and slave parts and a few others, then rode it for half a year, got addicted and sold it for the ‘17. Or, if you like wrenching less than than riding, spend $3500-5000 on late model runner from GasGas, Beta, Sherco, Honda/Montessa, TRS or Scorpa. Just my 2c. :-)
  2. RudderFeet

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    Gah, I totally forgot to mention these! Absolutely, check out Stegz Pegs. I put them on my Beta over the winter and rode with them all season and they're the shizzle for older guys like me who suffer from arm pump, sore hands and tired legs. They act as a brace behind your boots when riding level or up hills so that you don't have to use as much arm strength to hold on. This also lets me lock my legs at times to reduce their effort and stay lighter on the bars, which improves my feel and extends my endurance. The get slightly in the way going downhill, but I just spread my legs a little more to get around the pucks, and viola, they're out of the way.
  3. RudderFeet

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    Then absolutely look at higher bars instead of a higher seat. Renthal makes a Ricky Carmichael High Bend bar you may want to look at. Some guys put on ROX risers on instead, but note that Betas have wider bar bases, so be sure to get the right kind of risers.
  4. RudderFeet

    Seat foam height. Opinions appreciated

    All of the advice you've gotten so far is excellent, and additionally you may want to consider physical therapy or personal training to strengthen your legs, knees and ankles, because that'll pay dividends while you're riding, walking and doing everything else in life. I say that sitting here 10 days post-op of an L5/S1 microdisectomy to alleviate sciatica issues from a badly herniated disc. Before my operation and you can bet as soon as I'm cleared, I'm going to spend months re-strengthening my legs and back to improve my standing endurance. I also have a trials motorcycle which I'm telling you everything they say about them is true - they're hard to learn how to ride at first but they *really* improve one's balance and form which greatly extends enduro endurance by making you spend less needless energy pushing the bike against physics. When you look at some of these 70 year olds beating the snot out of riders 40 years younger at enduro and dual sport events by simply staying ahead of the motorcycle, moving in harmony with it and practicing enough to strengthen the muscles we should be using instead of wearing out the ones we shouldn't -it shows us how form and fitness makes all the difference in the world. A well-set-up bike also is huge, but don't overlook conditioning.
  5. RudderFeet

    Knee support

    Note that a lot of health savings accounts (HSAs) will let you pay for them using pre-tax money. I picked up a $450 pair of atlas knee braces for effectively $300 that way. Worth it to me to avoid ACL/MCL tears.
  6. RudderFeet

    Need some advice

    Welcome from an Ohio guy! I spent a couple weeks as a kid in Ahus (southeast of Kristianstad). Loved it. Great ice cream and beaches :-). Things may be different in Sweden because Trials is bigger in Europe so note that what I've seen may only apply to here. Anyway, short answer from a newbie's perspective - all the major brands of monoshock Gas Gas, Beta, Sherco and Scorpa are pretty much equal. Within your price range I see models from 1998 until about 2004. Just this week I sold a 2003 Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro in that range, after buying it cheaper and putting a lot of labor into restoring seals, regreasing bearings, tuning the carb and a bunch of other stuff early in the year. I scored a 2017 GG 280 from another friend, so I didn't need the 2003 any longer. Anyway, I've seen others about that age and condition go for around $2000-2500 USD. Older twin-shock Osso and Bultaco models are also a great way to start, and most people say that Trials events are the best way to talk with folks who may be selling or know others who are selling theirs. One thing to consider is that you're bigger than many trials riders, and older trials suspensions are already "tired," so you may have to be pickier about what you get. Find bikes already suspended for someone 220 lbs, not 170, or be ready to spend another $250-300 for heavier springs. - Scott
  7. RudderFeet

    Frame paint

    That’s probably pretty close and good enough for little touch-ups. I went ahead and ordered the official touch up paint for mine since I had some boot rubs very front-and-center - I figured these bikes are pricey enough as-as, an extra $20 to truly match the colors felt reasonable.
  8. Arthritis did this to me, so if you quit, don’t expect to stay out of the hospital. There’s a lesson buried in there if you want it.
  9. RudderFeet

    CRF250X -- Metal Particles in Oil Filter

    Man, I don't know, but subscribing to learn as well. What this thread needs is an "oil particle whisperer."
  10. RudderFeet

    My first trials bike!

    Did they at least give you all the weight they removed? Most bikes are, like, 250, 450 or even 600 lbs. I carry my extra weight around my belt...
  11. RudderFeet

    My first trials bike!

    Where are the lights and license plate holder? No center stand? At least you got heated grips, right?
  12. RudderFeet

    Fancy new hour meter on Beta evo 200!

    I dig it and may do similar with mine. I’ve seen worse mounting places!
  13. RudderFeet

    How much would you pay?

    I’ve rescured a number of motorcycles and been lucky with a few and unlucky with more than that. I personally wouldn’t spend more than $1k for a non-runner with potential internal damage, and probably more like $750 if I knew I could replace the whole engine for less than another $750 and still be a little ahead if I ran into bad surprises. Another options would be to replace the engine with a known-good one. A third option woiuld be to tear into it yourself. It’s a lot of work, but if a computer nerd like me can pick up the skills with videos, the manual and forums (and ideally a little help from friends), you could do it.
  14. RudderFeet

    Trials pants

    It can be oppressive in the dead of summer, especially after a full day of rain followed by sun when it cooks off all the water soaked into the ground cover.
  15. RudderFeet

    Trials pants

    I’ve been enjoying a set of Mojave Pro pants for enduro riding even in 80-90 degree, humid forest weather. I usually wear a thin underarmor/alpinestars/LDComfort layer against my skin to decouple knee pads/braces and the slightly heavier material of the Mojave pants. It works well except when it’s close to 90 and I’m cooking in the sun - at which point I try to find a stream to ride through. [emoji51]