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  1. max1dude

    Honda XR250L (1996)


    I like it...light and gutsy
  2. max1dude

    Honda XR250L 1996

    Great fun machine
  3. max1dude

    Honda XR250L (1996)


    Great fun machine
  4. max1dude

    Honda XLR 250 Baja

    Hi guys Im in South Africa and also had aproblem getting sprockets in 428 for my XLR250R...I sourced a 520 front 14 and rear 44 (klr250) and 520 Oring chain....I did notice a difference in more bottom end torque and less top end..original set up was 428 -16 front and 50 rear...my 44..is way bigger than what the 50 rear was... My bike also doesnt have a battery and lights are a problem...I reide alot at night and of course when using brakes and indicators it all dims alot....I was told to put a cap in...I bought one , 22000 mF and 63vdc...just not sure where to wire it in.
  5. max1dude

    Need Help adding battery to Honda XR400r

    Help please....My XLR250 hasnt got a battery and lights dim badly at idle or when braking , putting on indicators.....I got a battery eliminating capacitor...but not sure where to wire it in.....my regulator has pink , yello , black and green....not sure where to wire it in, tried earthing the cap direct to body and wiring into headlight circuit.yello/white....no lights at all ????
  6. max1dude

    Adding Battery to XR250R

    Would the lights perhaps be dimming due to the cap being too small or not working correctly.....as I was told a cap but large one does smooth out volts and stops lights dimming