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  1. Nice bike and really nice workspace[emoji1303]
  2. Put on my new graphics a couple days ago, I'll get it out tomorrow and take some pics probably. Linkage and shock bearing kit on the way along with rear brake pads.
  3. Maybe it's cause i'm a teenager but man i couldn't pass up any day of riding hot or cold rain or shine.
  4. Looking to spruce up the 04 250 EXC in the garage and want a smaller tank, Found a stock 2006 SX tank that looks the same just smaller, Will it fit? Thanks in advance.
  5. That's awesome, My dad hardly rides anymore, but it's so fun when he still does. I'm only 16 as well. Here's a pic of me and my dad right after winning my first championship
  6. Anyone need Devol Radiator guards? I have a set that i don't need and i'll let them go cheap.
  7. Love the red accents.
  8. Looks trick[emoji1303]
  9. Bought a set of Cycra rebounds for harescrambles. Probably going to do more MX than woods. How many of you MX people run handguards/roost deflectors?
  10. Lots of good used parts on there, Some of the Bling is cool, i tried it on my old Honda but IMO random red anodized pieces everywhere looked odd, So i only left the Brake clevis and Oil fill bolt on. GRNsales has cheap graphics and is a great seller, bought from him many times with great quality. Seat covers are decent on there.
  11. I'm in Bradenton as well, I'm usually at Tampa MX more than FTT but i frequent both.
  12. Haha i was the all orange KTM 150 with the black f150 next to you, sweet bike.
  13. Were you at Florida Tracks and trails today?
  14. first ride report here, holy fook this thing rips, The ergos, Motor, and suspension are killer on this thing. Powerband suspension really knocked it out of the park with the 4cs everyone hates, No swapping, bike doesn't even wobble through nasty breaking bumps. This bike just rips out of the corners with no problem and asks for more in the deep sand in FL. Absolutely love it.
  15. Looks sweet.