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  1. Unless you're a weight freak order JT steel sprockets, they're cheap enough to where you can buy 2-3 different sizes to play with and see what you like.
  2. That's what i believe, my dads the mechanic i just ride it and tell him what it needs lol. We did good, one tree down, no power loss, all windows intact etc. Yourself?
  3. I'm a pretty aggressive rider on my 06, with the stock gearing it didn't get up quick enough and signed off too fast, I put on a 53 rear and love it now.
  4. MX bike vs XC bike, you'll never have an Mx bike ride like a XC bike, Flywheel weight would be the best bet.
  5. damn that's clean, good year too.
  6. All good everybody, Had some rough winds but we kept tough. Couple trees down around the house but no damage to the home or any of our property. Power didn't even go out. Thanks Bubba.
  7. Nice work. Do you enjoy doing these builds? Seems like fun to turn nothing into something. When i'm older i hope to do these.
  8. anyone have any good condition shrouds for an 06?
  9. Yup my dad loved his 83
  10. pull out on the shroud while using a ratchet trying to take them out, your tank threads are F'ed already. The exposure idea doesn't sound too bad.
  11. Just got done putting up shutters yesterday
  12. Can someone elaborate on why Barcias gear deal gets in the way? I'm lost.
  13. Yeah that probably gets the blood flowing too.
  14. My dad was sponsored by our local Honda shop and had a couple 480s back in the day, he said he loved them compared to the 500s he hated.