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  1. Jesus that's scary.
  2. Keep it in the family.
  3. She's definitely not chubby (or at least when i saw JGs wife some 3 years ago she wasn't.) Don't know if i'm up on the stalker totem pole enough to sneak a pic.
  4. Anyway if we're talking about hot moto chicks the girl that works at my local track at sign up looks just like Josh Grants wife but a little better.
  5. No better place to let the crazy out.
  6. Shoot, looks like i need to get that changed. It's all good fun anyway.
  7. If you could read the profile correctly i said i put my age wrong. I'm 17 now, my balls have dropped and i've got pussy, rather than stalking other guys' pussy.
  8. Man some of y'all are way too into this.
  9. Everything seems to be good. Thanks.
  10. Well the bars weren't as bad as i thought. They're still pretty straight but the clamps were twisted pretty bad. Dad got it all straightened out before i got home.
  11. Raced it, Had a good first mot finishing second and was dicing for 2nd in the second moto, final lap, 2nd to last corner swapped on the face of a jump, by the time it was take off there was nothing i could do. Landed sideways and got whipped down pretty hard. Got up right away and limped to the finish for third in that moto, the top 3 of us had checked out so i had enough time. 3rd overall in the 125 12-16 class. I messed up my bars pretty good and my clutch lever but am thankful i was able to get up and finish. I'll post some pics tomorrow.
  12. I practice with 250c so i'd classify as C. Schoolboy 1 is two stroke only max 150cc, schoolboy 2 is 250cc four stroke 125 two stroke.
  13. Raced schoolboy 1 and 2 and wound up 4th and 6th out of around 12 people. I'll race the 125 class next time though because i really could've hung with those kids.